Catholicism Corrupted: How “Good Works” Was Rebranded “Social Justice” and Why it Matters

December 10, 2019
Updated October 10, 2021
ODP Staff

The Catholic Church was well known as a powerhouse of Christian Charity long before Mother Theresa achieved Sainthood for her own strenuous efforts in the offer of hospice and healing to the poor.

Importantly the giving done by Catholic Charities were both voluntary, and mindful of the manner in which charitable expenditures were received. Special care was taken to accompany the gift economy of meals, shelter, and healthcare with an offer of spiritual healing that might help recipients find themselves on more solid footing. This comprehensive expression of caring would, in turn, enable some to perform their own good works for others once they’re back on their feet.

Those experiencing and then passing on this tradition of good deeds would be particularly suited to offer assistance. Since they gained a relatable experience about how they were rescued, they could offer both empathy and competence in their efforts to lift others.

Contrary to the leftist’s and their Democrat Religion‘s notions of a “Socialist Jesus,” any legitimate giving is offered from self or in coin and goods legitimately collected from other generous hearts. A benefaction paid in filthy dirty stolen money, whether collected by tax collector or by a comparatively more courageous mugger would, by far, be counted the greater sin against any measure of stinginess or outright abstinence of charity.

“The Penguin” as portrayed in the cult classic “Blues Brothers” demonstrates that she was not about to receive “filthy stolen money,” to save the orphanage.

The State’s version of “giving” has worn a number of euphemism that began with exploitation of language in the Constitution, “General Welfare,” and quickly moved along to “entitlements,” and as Marxist indoctrination spread further, became “Social Justice.”

Social Justice is a particularly vile misuse of language since it devalues “justice” as it formerly applied strictly to a society of agreed upon laws and an “injustice” served as a secular description of a “sin” committed by men against others. It also takes “entitlement” from a misguided enabling notion that all “needs” or sacred “wants” are somehow owed fulfillment by a third party, to the level of a moral and sacred right.

This replaces a former beggar’s humility with a belligerent belief that whatever they might receive is just an installment on a larger amount that they’re still “owed.” Now even the best stewards of any charity they are offered are looked upon not with appreciation but with suspicion, and that in turn makes it rather impossible to accompany any giving with the spiritual guidance that makes the gift one of fulfillment as opposed to enabling and deepening whatever level of dependency.

Otherwise healthy free market transactions, even outside the realm of “charity,” are damaged even by the State’s mere participation in whichever category of business. And there’s really no way for any private entity nor charity to go up against “Uncle Sam’s Lemonade Stand.”

For example, the banking industry had their hands forced by Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae government run programs to accept toxic, high risk transactions into their own portfolios, since, they were, after all, operating in competition against these State programs. And we all likely remember how wonderfully that turned out when the proverbial stuff “hit the fan,” in 2008. And it should be no surprise that the disastrous effects were blamed not on the regulations that directly and indirectly forced legitimate lenders to take on toxic arrangements, but on a “lack of” regulation.

Most on the left will express great irritation at the slightest hint of their ill informed “Separation of Church and State” notions. As much as their thinly veiled anti-religious notions dominate their every thought, they’re simply not equipped to recognize the underlying irony in their simultaneous expectation that government should be run like a Christian charity.

And putting government in any sort of handout business is even more damaging than the most reckless and enabling behaviors of any legitimate charity.

Now clearly those running government programs aren’t all “stupid,” and their own postings about feeding animals in our National Parks system demonstrate as much. Clearly the U.S. Department of Agriculture knows exactly why the very programs they sponsor are harmful.

Whenever this is presented as an argument concerning Food Stamps, the lefties invariably respond with righteous indignation over the comparison between humans and animals. This carries its own irony since they generally reject the dividing line between “humanity” and “animal kingdom” unique to religious teachings.

It should be obvious to most observers that governments suck at charity. But the reasons why is what is most important to understand.

Firstly, the motives of government to give are corruptible and thus corrupt. Those who give work hand in hand with those who take, and there’s absolutely no incentive to give in a way that pays any mind to the recipient nor the victim of the theft. Every link in the chain from IRS to “benefits” are lined with skimming. Each participant that threatens seizure of assets, homes under threat of imprisonment to those cutting and mailing payouts are paid their cut.

Furthermore, the politicians that make promise of new and ever expanding benefits trade in the currency of handouts for votes. And thus, in addition to corrupting the tax collectors and the moochers, the entire redistribution game corrupts politics with a fire that spreads and grows until the maximum of ambitious criminal politicians are rewarded with power serviced by their own guns and an expanding army of dependent masses they’ve made both more needy and into larger numbers. Those enrolled are all too eager to vote for more whether at polls or with fists and torches in the streets.

In addition to the poor stewardship exhibited by the State and their tossing scraps to the moochers they make with enabling behavior, this negatively impacts both legitimate charity and even prospective employers.

Countless young men and women will purposefully reject earning opportunities based upon a reality that their first paycheck will obliterate the superior “free money” to which they’ve been effectively told, they are “entitled.” And of course if the State has checks you’re “entitled to,” who the hell would want to go “begging” to some Church run charity that might spoil the arrangement with “preachy” messaging about “humility,” healing of errant behaviors, and even being asked to participate in some of their own help to others.

So perhaps it’s no surprise that “The Church” would need to take on their own “toxic loans” like the mortgage bankers that had to play along with the “no skin in game” kinds of loan products offered by Freddie and Fannie?

But there’s another big shift in “The Church” that might account for the larger part of the reason that “good works” is now “Social Justice.” The original Catholic message about Socialism expressed and repeated through generations. Until the recent corruption of the Papacy, the Popes all denounced the evil of Socialism.

The conventional leftist’s term “Social Justice” is born of the cult of Marxism and made more damaging with the advent of Frankfurt School and their “Cultural Marxism.”

The creed of the “Social Justice Warrior,” is that “Capitalism” is inherently unfair to groups they simultaneously call “oppressed” and indirectly “incompetent.” And the harmful accompanying propaganda offers a universal excuse for personal failure, and thus exacerbates the very different outcomes the SJW wants to blame on systemic “racism” and “oppression.”

But obviously the language of the leftist is perfectly suited to those enriching themselves with the government handout business. What were once “bums” are now “homeless persons,” and the progressives that ran all the worst and most failed experiments in “addressing homelessness” are now well past 10 years into it with nothing but utter destruction to show for their policies of enabling that literally include free needles!

No sane parent would pull out their wallets to buy their own beloved children “free needles,” and yet mommy government is perfectly capable of abandonment of even the most obvious principles to make things much worse and further victimize the very “downtrodden” they claim to champion.

Once the NWO installed their own Pope, the Earth’s most vile leftist leaders and their pawns lined up to kiss the papal ring.

One might think the Catholic Church might want to distance themselves from the horrible job the State does with their intrusion into their charity space. But in fact, the Church has become completely corrupted from parish to Vatican and now spews every last bit of the same Marxist messaging that only aligns too neatly with the unusual arrangements that caused the last legitimate Pope to become the first to retire while still very much alive since the 15th century!

The church even has partnered directly with the State Department to combined their legitimately collected donations with the government’s application of stolen money to effectively double the State’s Moslem “refugee” resettlement efforts.

They now routinely preach about “homophobia,” and largely invented crisis of “racism,” while promoting the removal of every wall that doesn’t surround their own Vatican City.

So the line between “good works” based on voluntary efforts and voluntarily collected money and simply voting for politicians that promise to enable the worst human behaviors by tossing scraps of filthy stolen money as Evita from her train has been blurred. And the thoughtful giving that once truly served the poor is being rolled into the very fabric of Socialism that unravels all of society.

All we can do as churchgoers is to demand that the Church step away from the leftward march and that begins with a solid correction in the language. Until we arrive at a day when mass concludes without the utterance of inane Marxist terminology that’s sometimes even accompanied by direct praise of Karl Marx as some sort of unofficial “saint,” the sovereign individuals of “The Church” have some ideological healing “good works” to be performed within their own parish.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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  1. The term ‘social justice’ comes from a Catholic priest. Luigi Taparelli, a Jesuit, coined it in 1840. Living in Italy in the 19th century, he was concerned about the socioeconomic effects of the Industrial Revolution on the new working class.

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