The Manufactured Celebrity and Exploitation of Greta

December 14, 2019
Updated January 14, 2020
Occupy Democrats Parody

The Globalist Communists lean heavily into the tried and true methods of their National Socialist forebearers. Greta is the contemporary equivalent of the NAZI Propaganda girl all the way down to the pigtails.

As vile as the exploitation of such a damaged child, the Democrats and their global accomplices will certainly not exercise the slightest measure of restraint in their liberal use of the celebrity status they manufactured for her to accomplish their equally insidious goals.

Whatever placing this child actress in front of Congress or unelected Global Cabal sponsored bodies of bureaucrats presuming authority to set world policy isn’t enough to elevate a rather dumb, mentally damaged, thoroughly brainwashed “Swedish” German girl doesn’t accomplish for the Cabal will be more than made up for by the opinion control complex media they also own.

Propaganda and demagoguery both serve important roles in propping up failed arguments as is very much required for the global left to achieve their goals. And the use of those old methods provides them such dividends, their well established tradition of such use of children for such political propaganda porn will not likely end anytime soon.

In Greta’s case she hits all the important marks. She has the credential as actress to appear as a sympathetic character to the young mushy minds she most directly targets with the messages she reads from her script. Even her Aspergers and placement on the spectrum with Autism serve as assets, since the “autistic scream” for climate change sends powerful waves of hysteria into the impressionable hearts and minds of other school aged children.

A similar figure Ocasio Cortez already warmed up the audience to be receptive of “morally correct” messaging with precious little worry over the much less exciting restraints connected to “boomer logic” that adheres far too strictly to those old fashioned notions concerning the “factually correct.”

After years of claiming “science” was the basis for decades of promoting a Global Tax to simultaneously line global banker pockets with plenty left to fund a truly powerful NWO Military Greta’s appeal to emotions takes center stage.

All the hoaxers that learned that whenever they participate in a public debate they net out a loss of support for their nefarious “Green New Deal” business will make the appeal to emotions with their Child Activist their top priority. And in addition to the direct value in appealing to the most mushy minded Ocasio Kids that they’ve already brainwashed to their cause.

In addition to a human Barney the Purple Dinosaur figure to target children, the left get to simultaneously herald Greta as the “face of Climate Change,” while simultaneously defaming any who dare question any aspect of her act as “bullying a poor helpless child.”

As unseemly as grown propaganda merchants hiding behind pigtails and under skirts, they gain great political clout with on each and every occasion the children are exploited.

On the wrong side of history, Time and Time again!
Greta is hardly the only foolish child that believes they can see CO2 in the atmosphere.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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