Tale of Two Women: Bipolar vs. Polar Opposite

January 9, 2020
Occupy Democrats Parody

Television talk shows like, The View are really rather appropriately named with the singular “view.” If it had been named “the views” that would suggest that a variety of views might be presented as opposed to a monolithic Hollywood Left perspective parroted amongst 4 of 5 women, with the fifth being a token “conservative”sharing some space on the set to bully.

In a rare instance when a particularly talented guest manages to get out a legitimately contrary viewpoint, hysterical and irrational bellowing will ensure that any challenges to their uniform opinion is muffled out.

Recently a catty woman took a few swipes at my sensible arguments on Twitter, and i was curious enough to accompany my firm refutation with a quick perusal of her Twitter timeline. Pinned to the top was a rather interesting one woman show featuring one “Mrs. Betty Bowers,” and whereas leftist propaganda reels typically take more thumbs down than thumbs up, this one was surprisingly well liked by its audience.

I hit the play button, not knowing quite what to expect.

On the surface it appeared to be a reel of insults directed towards some segment of rightists that didn’t score high marks in the measure of good grammar. But as the reel progressed, I experienced a cringe worthy combination of snide sarcasm spewed forth in a more general litany of projection insults directed at those of right mind.

I saved the insufferable reel to a playlist with a plan to spend some time taking on her “points” in a thorough and righteous future exercise of mocking.

More recently I happened upon a “New Years Resolution for Progressives” piece by one Daisy Cousens. I couldn’t help recognize this to be a thorough refutation of Betty Bower’s propaganda clip, and so I seized the opportunity of presenting both Betty’s snide along side what might appear as gloriously sarcastic rebuttal.

And so we’ll start off the 2020 with a clear vision of the cartoonish manner of “libtwit” thought juxtaposed against the cool, playful yet rational message that could easily be mistaken as a direct answer to Betty’s bitchy rant.


This snide, simplistic view of “the right” may be difficult to endure, but the following video provides very satisfying answers.


The very fine Daisy makes it clear that, however many Betty’s might bark out insults that target good Americans, there are always extremely intelligent women to offer rebuttal.

Rather than add more commentary on the vast chasm between the mentally deranged gal on the left and the sensible and lovely conservative on the right, it is our hope that you might offer your own thoughts in the comments. Perhaps we might even inspire a direct exchange between Betty and Daisy on Twitter or elsewhere on social media. Such a splendid battle would certainly make for more interesting media drama than we’d be likely to experience on The View.

©2020 Occupy Democrats Parody

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