Cancel Culture: Dems Validate “Citizen of Year’s” Posts by Proving Themselves Nazis.

January 9, 2020
Occupy Democrats Parody

Jim Harrison, a former firefighter and truck driver was to be named 2019’s “Citizen of the Year” by Nipomo, California’s Chamber of Commerce for numerous community service works. Jim organized a number of events to bring his community closer together and was also recognized for outstanding conservation efforts in both community cleanup and preservation of riding trails.

He also held a position as Planning Commissioner for San Luis Obispo County where he extended his good efforts well beyond the limits of Nipomo. However off the beaten path of California politics his own thriving community, it did not take long for the announcement of his honors to catch the attention of some of California’s worst and most subversive NGO’s who went right to work to sift through Mr. Harrison’s social media history of the markers of a counterrevolutionary.

Ultimately some really “outrageous” memes were discovered. Per NBC’s news they were “inflammatory” and apparently included an accurate depiction of House Speaker nancy Pelosi as a Nazi!

We’d have to assume there are many such memes to pay homage to Nancy’s personal love of Fascism and National Socialism. This particular sample chosen at random.

Whereas a full 39.7%* of the American population might seriously believe the House Speaker to humble, prayerful, sober and “not a Nazi,” the notion that this is somehow an unfair depiction of the real actions, behavior, political sensibilities and temperament of Nancy is certainly a head scratcher.

But it’s arguably even more amazing that a less specific meme that offers a more general description of the party amounted to still more ammunition for the Soros NGO’s to feign righteous indignation.

NBC wasn’t generous enough to share the “offensive” memes but by a rather detailed description, we’d have to assume it’s this one he was “accused” of posting this past December 19th.

With all the resources at the collective disposal of the vile and subversive organizations tasked with punishing good Americans, it’s no surprise that they continued scouring Mr. Harrison’s social media to put a cherry atop their defamation efforts.

A November 21 post proved to be the real pay dirt! Apparently he defied the “bet you won’t post this” challenge when he passed along this sensible meme concerning the spread of Islam, which all but the most ignorant recognize as the direct antithesis to “freedom of religion,” along with any other sort of freedoms.

And that settled it once and for all that Mr. Harrison’s status as “Citizen of the Year” would need to be revoked along with any other kind regard we might extend even an average working American that stays out of trouble and pays taxes.

The Communist NGO’s NBC describes merely as “local community groups,” all gang up to take down a good man. Per NBC these include the worst of the worst:

  • R.A.C.E Matters
  • GALA
  • Diversity Coalition of SLO County
  • Bend the Arc
  • JCC Federation
  • People of Faith for Justice
Complicit NBC “reporter” of “rural-urban divide,” passes along the gist of the “open letter” less any critical analysis. Apparently he found the language of their defamation propaganda to be neatly aligned with his own progressive leanings as are prerequisite for all “Nothing But Crap” contributors.

Apparently Mr. Harrison is such a fine gentleman, he saved his friends on the Chamber from the wrath that would no doubt follow had they dared defy the decree by the Soros groups by rejecting the honors ahead of any vote taken. But such kindness amounts to “blood in the water” when it comes to the leftist sharks, and, whereas I understand that good men are often non-confrontational, I believe his apology for “offending” followed up with deleting the posts (as reported by his local paper,) do amount to a disservice to the inevitable next round of victims targeted by the same set of creepy SJW groups and their ilk.

Resignation from the planning commission as another measure to avoid any additional heartache also nets a loss to the entire County and fuels the fire of cancel culture.

Ultimately it’s hard to measure the pain that comes to a good man when he’s attacked with such vile defamation libel, and so what I believe to be an overall great man, Jim Harrison, still deserves our respect.

Of course the main lesson learned by the rest of us capable of reading between the NBC propaganda lines, is that Democrats are everything and more that might be portrayed in the “controversial” memes. And silence and inaction against their behavior can be counted as “complicity.”

©2020 Occupy Democrats Parody

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