Covidity: On Life In and Living Through the Covid19 Pandemic

April 8, 2020
Updated April 13, 2020 – Youtube ALREADY deleting linked videos!
ODP Editorial Staff

The first and most important point that must be made is that there is more to the story that’s unfolding than what anyone should expect to be presented on CNN and other accomplices to the CCP and their Democrat allies.

The next is that simply deferring to “experts” is not much of a plan when experts disagree with one another and some are proven to work in tight alliance with nefarious interests that are proven to prioritize population control over the safety and saving of human lives.

This Dr. Eric Nepute eloquently warns of the clear dishonesty and alarmism by media and allies and demonstrates how these exacerbate the challenges we face together as a nation.

So-called “fact checkers” are hard at work to suppress the variety of doctor’s opinion presented above, and effort will be made to link to alternates once the above content is removed for “violating” a clear policy against any opinion that challenges the single message being promoted by Chinese Communists, their global cabal accomplices and the main stream Mockingbird Media.

There is much more to cover but given the importance of timely delivery of the information being compiled to present here, it will be published in installments. Please link and check back for updates that will be delivered with great frequency or visit our page “Covidity” on Facebook for regular updates of important questions and information combined with lighthearted content to serve as another form of “medicine” as we work through this unprecedented crisis of medicine and politics together.

Bill Gates was formerly known as the capitalist that performed wildly unethical business dealings to make America’s computers vulnerable to every virus. He’s since reinvented himself as “philanthropist” with zero medical credentials that pushes “vaccines” as a cure-all for everything and was gloating about coming global pandemic just months ahead of the bat flu!
Replacement related content for the one immediate above that was ALREADY removed by the vile Global Communists that run censorship on CIA’s Google-Youtube.


YouTube has been extremely busy censoring any notions that we are apparently not supposed to freely examine to make up our own minds.

It would be fallacious to choose one position, but if one must, they’d be right more often to pick “there are no coincidences,” over “there is no conspiracy.”

This is a screen shot of a posting to a private secret debate group that was established in 2007 to test different ideas with a small group of 100 intelligent friends.

Below is a link list of content that Facebook will actively discourage if not prevent from sharing directly and that has been summarily removed from CIA-Google run Youtube. There’s no statement to “debunk” in this article, so it will be quite interesting if they ever “fact check” the pure facts, logic and reporting of 3rd party hypotheses and theories we offer to form your own opinions.

VIDEO: 5G Health Effects and Exploitation of Corona as Coverup.

It’s certainly understandable to be skeptical of the 5G hypothesis, but the great harm to human health should be examined whether or not it’s proven a piece in the COVID19 puzzle. Still the lying propagandists like MSNBC have run articles to “debunk” a theory of their own invention. In the MSNBC piece they use the typical method of announcing a “conspiracy theory” that’s “misleading people” with “dangerous disinformation,” and then they go on to claim that “experts” discount the possibility of 5G causing a virus. Note that this is not part of any hypothesis being discussed by the medical doctors nor that could be found anywhere else. The mostly foolish audience that plods through this drivel will then believe that “science has spoken” and that the “conspiracy theories” are all “ridiculous.”

Meanwhile propagandists posing as “medical experts” such as “Dr. Sanjay Gupta” on CNN will make proclamations that don’t even pass the test of basic logic. He’s presently in all the ABC “Better Living” segments informing us that “Covid19” is absolutely not from the Wuhan laboratory. His fallacious assertion is based solely on the “rumor” that has been spread by “unverified accounts” on Twitter. He then goes on to declare that “we don’t know” where the virus did come from, which makes the original “not from lab” statement presented as “fact” all the more ridiculous. CNN and the other news networks obviously believe their audience isn’t near as intelligent as they are, and thus will be misdirected by this form of smoke and mirrors. Since it’s ultimately a numbers game, they are effectively correct.

Here’s what we absolutely do know about Wuhan Lab reports leading up to the expanded reporting on the Wuhan Virus.


This presentation if flagged by Facebook’s so-called “fact checkers,” based on a mischaracterization of his “can’t catch a virus” commentary that is actually followed up with the exceptions and how species barrier would ordinarily be a major factor in containing such threats and keeping them from jumping from one species to another.

If this disappears from Youtube, as I suspect it will, please let us know and we’ll work on linking an alternate source.
This screenshot is included for reference to make finding replacement source content easier once the inevitable happens on Youtube.

Undoubtedly this “we all get chipped” content will be removed quickly. Enjoy and find a way to save a copy while you can.
Dr. Vandana Shiva calls out Bill Gates on his nefarious reputation and business.

Enjoy this crazy sounding conspiracy theory until it’s suppressed or taken down by Facebook! Let’s see if anyone here can actually debunk (prove implausible,) as opposed to the usual eye rolls and antics.

©2020 Covidity and Occupy Democrats Parody

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