A Most Vile Scheme Threatens a Third and Fourth Clinton Term Combined with a Threat of Third Obama Term

May 4, 2020
ODP Staff

Until very recently the notion of resuming the 16 Year Plan of via the horror of two more Clinton terms seemed to be a threat that had been lowered in a coffin into freshly dug pit and, after the appropriate incantations, neatly covered with topsoil and fresh sod. But, as Biden’s clinical dementia becomes more apparent and the toxicity of his own shady dealings and apparent personal conduct issues become increasingly difficult for the most dedicated media accomplices to contain, concerns that he was merely a warm corpse foot in the door for the 2020 White House have given way to another extremely horrible possibility.

The Hill’s full Propaganda to promote this vile scheme as “Constitutionally sound,” is here.

Now the tomb of left’s favorite crime Clinton Crime family witch has been apparently discovered empty and, in a devil’s sinister twist on the story of Easter, has been reunited with her sinister disciples of darkness in another particularly vile scheme to steal a Third Clinton Term made even more horrible with an thoroughly ineligible running mate. But of course such an insidious and unseemly plot would need to be explained as “OK” to the base of dumb dumbs that would go along with such a vile distortion of the pertinent rules devised to protect Americans from such a perversion.

The Hill cleverly glosses over a clear prohibition that absolutely disqualifies Obama from running as VP by an illogical argument that he’s only ineligible from being “elected.” This is to split hairs between “ineligibility to serve” vs “ineligibility for election to office.” It doesn’t pass the test of logic, but the Hill only needs to cite one dummy they declare a “constitutional expert” to con their readers into believing it becomes “OK.”

By any simple logical analysis, “no one ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice President.” That obviously disqualifies, but the inane equivocation about how “elected” is the “operative word,” is a manipulation that will no doubt pass muster with the desperate left and their many marxist activist accomplices that still dress up in black robes to legislate their every will from the bench. And The Hill is all too happy to prey on public naivety by raising it as “possible” based on “at least one constitutional ‘expert’,” that’s “on record saying there is nothing to prevent such a scenario.”

By now we should all know there’s no form of manipulation the left won’t promote to cheat in every game. But whether we can spread some awareness of our own, it should become an understanding that the dynamics in a married relationship don’t magically switch to establish who gets to “wear the pants” in a new “this time,” when it comes to high office.

Most should know that Hillary wore the pants during the two prior terms of Clinton Presidency, and the notion that it’s now “her turn” is an utter fantasy. Whomever it is or was, married couples should be treated as an entity and the Presidential Term Limits should apply to married couples as a “household.”

And do we really need much time to introspect to consider that there ought to be enough choices among 329,064,000 US Citizens to not need to make such wild leaps of faith to make such stretches and twists to accommodate multiplication of a more than generous two terms per household when it comes to such a powerful position as the Presidency. So let’s agree from now on, only one double term per household. Meanwhile Barr better act on the Durham Report and unseal all indictments against both Obama and Hillary to spare us any further worry on such an unspeakable horror as being proposed to make good on the global cabal’s promise to Hillary in exchange for her stepping aside for the Obamanation we already suffered.

The original 16 year Plan would have had us well onto our way into a globalist nightmare hell.
Meahwhile, back on the Biden campaign trail, there will be many entertainments !

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