Elite Liars Use Defamation and Censorship to “Debunk” Dr. Mikovits’ “Bizarre” Claims

May 8, 2020
WOP Staff

Since the dawn of the Internet it has become increasingly more difficult for the established powers to leverage their long held monopoly on media to “flatten the curve” on the spread of inconvenient truths. But once they enrolled a new oligarchy of “big tech,” into their team they have they no longer need rely strictly on silencing of “whistleblowers” by the time tested old school methods of defamation and murder.

What was originally dismissed as “conspiracy theory” of suppression of mostly conservative voices, has now come out in the open. CEO’s now openly boast about their schemes to rob what they declare “fake news” from their voice on the “private company” websites previously known as “platforms.”

And so few are surprised that the “Plandemic” documentary that spread like wildfire across conservative and even some liberal pages alike, has been systematically targeted for full takedowns by Google-CIA’s Youtube, then Vimeo, followed shortly by Facebook. Additionally propagandists partnered with Zuckerberg’s Facebook are busy declaring any shared link to her presentation as “false” and a basis for downgrading the page and account standings future visibility and ranking. This could fairly be described as a drop in a de facto social media credit score of those effected.

Now whereas it’s heavy handed for the monopolies of social media to butt in on every expressed opinion shared between friends, one might not mind a benevolent and honest bit of “fact checking” as aid to assist the larger community of users in sorting out the wild nonsense from essential high quality expertise, those assigned by Zuckerberg are among the worst and most dishonest of propagandists.

So proud of their censorship, Wojcicki now proclaims that any health advice that’s not aligned neatly to the ever changing and thoroughly discredited UN propaganda from WHO will be removed from their personal webpage formerly known as “platform.”

So poor is their reputation a “False” rating is now seen more as an endorsement than a reason to click in another direction. And their latest assault on Plandemic and Dr. Judy Mikovits, PhD serves as a perfect case study to demonstrate why.

The Plandemic video is a particularly hot commodity and is presently banned by YouTube, scrubbed form Vimeo, and actively defamed as “fake news” by the fraudulent “fact checkers” partnered with Facebook! As of the time of this writing it can still be seen and heard here via Bitchute! Plandemic

Now the well propagandized are already shrieking, “that’s been debunked,” at the first mention of “Plamdemic,” or the Doctor’s name which is now going through a second round of defamation libel to paint her as very “dubious” “anti-vaxer” in spite of her direct statement that she’s not. And the more clever propagandists dismiss her claim based on “drifting closer to” the “anti-vax circles of conspiracy theorists!”

Excerpt from a lying propagandist Will Sommer that’s a regular contributor of the Communist propaganda rag called The Daily Beast.
DemoQuack Will Sommer isn’t the slightest bit shy about using gimmicks to perform his defamation libel against Dr. Mikovitz. “Sham Science!” “Coronavirus Grifters!”

Of course that’s where the “refutation” and “debunking ends.” Just the standard recipe of ad hominem and “guilt by association” of “very bad” groups that are also marginalized by the same sort of defamation tactics.

They’re making a bet that the population is dumb. And when it comes to their indoctrinated and brainwashed base, they’re very often right. For those who still prefer to make up their own minds, anything presented that is attacked, not on substance but with defamation and censorship, should be examined with particular interest. And in the good Dr. Mikovits’ case, that should begin with the Plandemic Video and probably be followed up with a careful reading of her book that’s been strangely “sold out” on Amazon (via Kindle with presumably cannot be in “short supply,”) so you can hear out all the arguments and decide for yourself.

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