California School Districts Promote Destructive Lies for BLM Marxists

Jun 10, 2010
ODP Staff

Dave Marken recently rejoined the Dublin Unified School District to ensure that all residence and their children obey his call to “stop challenging” the ironically named “Black Lives Matter” movement.

“We need to stop challenging Black Lives Matter!” – Dave Markem Dublin School District Superintendent

Apparently some voices matter more than others, and the comments left on YouTube were somehow selectively removed. We since restored our comment by pasting it back into a new thread.

This is truly disgusting. “Black Lives Matter” is a Marxist and extremely racist political movement and support of it is at odds with if not OPPOSITE of supporting ANY color of American Lives. It’s deeply concerning that someone that’s presumed to have authority over the education of our diverse range of students would presume authority to defame our citizens and students as “racist” for not supporting such a cancerous movement.

America is the LEAST racist of all nations in the world, we’re the ones that were AHEAD of the game with GREAT sacrifice made for emancipation. And at the peak of America’s dabbling in the global slave trade, at most 4% of Americans held any slaves and not ALL of those were even “white.” Finally, nobody alive today is responsible nor should feel guilty for crimes by nobody alive today against nobody alive today victims.

This rhetoric of “400 years of racism” is a lie, and an extremely destructive one at that. The fraud of so-called “white privilege” is damaging in that it paints targets on the heads of all America’s (and the world’s) “white children” while providing an easy excuse to externalize every failure amongst the “people of color,” (an exclusionary term for “everyone but whites!) So it promotes failure, guilt, and destroys the spirits of AMERICAN kids of ALL COLORS to diminish something that should be called AMERICAN PRIVILEGE.

I realize there is great pressure to go along with this destructive nonsense, but it has to be called out for what it is and that’s why I’m here to do just that.

To better characterize what’s happening presently and how it fits into a bigger picture, here are some more sensible words: Candace Owens speaks with insight from WITHIN the “black” community: And this gentleman provides EXCELLENT big picture analysis of what’s behind this mass hysteria and violence that jeopardizes a lot more than just the EDUCATION of America’s children. My answer to our school district’s pitiful kowtow and knee bending to the insidious BLM

Interestingly this oozing pus of apologizing on America’s behalf for the left’s own racism has been met with nearly 100% likes. And of course we are left to wonder what more the school district can do to further shame “white” children in their classrooms, while offering “failure excuse” to every other color of student, since there was already a generous serving of Cultural Marxism in most every subject of every grade.

His story about a student in a special gifted children’s class was questioned by other students with “what are you doing here” seems odd since to my knowledge there presently is no such program offered in any school at any level in the district.

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