The Chicks Choke on their Dixies with a Pitiful and Cumbersome “March” in June!

July 4, 2020
ODP Staff

The Dixie Chicks have been long desperate to make friends outside of their musical Confederacy and had been at the forefront of the “struggle” against all of that long history of crimes they’ve been busy projecting onto their original base of fans for well over a decade.

Our own brand spent one of our first visits to the Facebook Jail over an innocent proposal for a new name once “The Chicks” as they’ve now been rebranded first choked on their own “Dixies!”

The Chicks truly choke on their own Dixies with this latest dragging atrocity against music!

For the inevitable Women Marches that we’ll see in November, December, January, February, and March, we recommend something more upbeat and that presents a more positive message, like our own “Ballad of the Resistance!”

This one should help the liberal twits time their steps at the next big Women March

But we should also offer mention to another powerful message by the same “Marxist Pope” that offers a more sophisticated and thoughtful analysis of the Black Lives Matter flavor of “protesting” against America:

No better way to cleanse the palette after suffering through the Chick’s latest steaming pile than a preview of the coming “Lives Matter” by Marxist Pope!

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