Concerned Uncle’s Open Letter to Intelligent, Beloved and Misguided Niece

October 17, 2020

A fan submitted this open letter to a college aged niece that’s been poisoned with hatred of Trump and all his supporters, including the author and her own father.

Dearest Niece,

There is no question that you are intelligent and capable of achieving great things in the kind of America where I grew up. I’ve also watched you develop from first steps, into High School and beyond. During the most recent four years, I’d observed some signs of contemporary culture prevailing over more “big picture” kind of thinking. Of course nobody should expect the latter of someone before they gain life experience beyond the walls of parent provided, subsidized existence.

During those High School years I learned, primarily indirectly of what, from my perspective would be measured as Cultural Marxist “indoctrination,” and that would only be expected. I also saw you begin to embrace some conservative views and recall when you were punished on social media for sharing a post indicating some optimism after the 2016 election.

Now, a few recent conversations with your father, who is presently extremely stressed out, alerted me to his sense of devastation of your stated plans to join with your college peers in the “vote Blue” and against what, at your age and experience I’d not expect you to recognize as a “Best President in a century,” as do the few that remain with us with adequate life experience to appreciate how special and rare Trump is to the Presidency.

When a 96 year old Veteran’s life experience has him recognizing Trump’s uniqueness to the Office of Presidency, it’s probably worth making some effort to understand why. It’s probably NOT because he’s an “awful person” as some young people might have been influenced to believe.

Now, I’ll start with something about my own High School and freshly graduated experiences. I remember very clearly my own thinking through High School, and even I had counted myself “a Democrat,” and even mocked conservative classmates, taking it to such absurd and undignified levels as to participate in the “snickering” that many of my peers were doing about the news of the assassination attempt on Ronald Reagan.

A few years later, when I voted for Reagan (my first Presidential election where I was deemed eligible,) I also voted for 100% Democrats in Congress and Senate with the rationale that I didn’t want to give Reagan “too much power.”

I wasn’t unintelligent then. In spite of some drinking (and etc.) over the years, my IQ hadn’t likely changed much since my childhood test. But I was rather “stupid.” I simply did not have adequate experience then to make any informed judgements and thus should not have been deemed eligible to vote, and remain embarrassed for that first and final act of voting for House Democrats.

Through High School (through 1982,) I believed myself to BE a Democrat. Shortly after graduating I thought Democrats politicians were simply dumb or misguided. Since the mid 1990’s, I’ve realized that Democrat supporters are naive, and all but ONE Democrat Politician are evil.

Per scientific research, the human brain does not mature until the age of 25, and that’s a reason that 24 and under “children” (as I, in my extremely advanced years might call anyone under 40,) aren’t trusted with keys to a rental car at Hertz, Enterprise, nor any car rental agency.

So whereas, Democrats, that like to exploit inexperienced for votes to take more power are presently engaged in proposals to reduce the voting age to 16, (and ultimately lower,) we should be moving in the opposite direction.

Schools are supposed to avoid activation of their students in any political cause, but obviously that old standard has been long abandoned, and they are literally bussed around to go to staged events like this and even dangerous outdoor street protests to advocate for causes they cannot be expected to fully understand.

But obviously the voting age was dropped from 21 to 18 by a leftist movement that recognized the the value of herding less experienced children through the polls which provides the political class with more power.

Rather than having people that got a job and at least started their own business or family life decide the fate of their neighbor’s future with voting, now they have freshly indoctrinated to simply multiply the votes of their teachers and the mass media.

Adding “Democratic” to “Socialism” doesn’t actually make it “nice.” Few realize that being ruled by the 51% is no better than being ruled by the 0.01%. And with the advent of mass media used by CIA and others to shape opinions, it amounts to the same thing.

Again many of these kids are intelligent and many are not. The average IQ in America is roughly 103, and there are whole countries that average in and below the 80s. The most intelligent of these are as, if not more susceptible to certain kinds of ideas, than the more regular kids.

That’s where I fit in. And I believe that’s also a description of present-day-you.

Now calling a child “indoctrinated” is a non starter from a perspective of starting dialog. It’s also true that most 25 and ups will “walk out” whenever someone even hints that they might have been “fooled” about something, whether concerning a simple every day life bit of decision making, or on something as wildly complicated as political discernment.

It is, however, a fact for all of us that we are all fooled about something from time to time. There’s no prerequisite that one must be a fool to be mislead, tricked, duped, misdirected, whether we’re part of the audience of a magic show, entering or navigating in a romance, taking a new job, interpreting what’s presented as “news,” or even what we’re presented by the most trusted and beloved of those most good students revere as “teachers” and “professors.”

Now ultimately, we are here in a world gone mad. Elections always have consequences, but you’ll probably intuitively agree that this one is more so than any other in either of our lives.

I maintain that you aren’t experienced enough to vote (in spite of your intelligence,) however, nobody is going to stop all your friends from voting, and even bullying others to do their own damage to this all important coming election. And so, you will likely vote, and this plea of mine is merely to do my own best to have it become a better informed vote.

I had warned your dear father that he should take some of his political concerns online where he can influence a larger audience, and that failure to have such an outlet would result in being overbearing with political soap boxing at home. I very much understand that that can amount to psychological torture for any whom have no escape from one Fox news program after another accompanied by routine pressure to hear out what appear as “angry” concerns.

Dr. Weil, a big bearded fellow that was a respected holistic doctor decades ago had presented a concept of “news fasting,” as a step to maintain good health. I had realized that I had instinctively been practicing my own since the 80’s (if not earlier,) and recall getting your other uncle’s car on a Saturday and telling him to turn off that 810am radio (which was the main talk radio of the day,) and later realized that, I was doing a form of mental detoxing.

Your father, isn’t the only one presently stressed out by a possible end of life as we know it that has a real chance of coming. Your other uncle and your grandfather are actively making campaign contributions, while I share as much as I can on social media to prevent an utter end.

“Utter end” obviously might be dismissed as hyperbole, and it’s certainly understandable that you quite likely would. But the current President represents more than just an independent billionaire that ran against “a system” and won, and extremely dark and powerful forces have only accelerated their war against our freedom.

The Pleasanton, California political pundit also known as the creator of the Dilbert comic strip series, makes a claim that, those aware of history and that are following current political trends with a discerning eye find to be quite more than just credible.

Your dad mentioned he correctly informed you that the certifiable dementia patient being run isn’t himself. And Pelosi’s 25th Amendment committee that she’s setting up is as much another “insurance policy” (in case their massive efforts in the realm of exploiting young voters and rampant vote fraud does not succeed,) as it is to deal with transfer of power from their warm carcass foot-in-the-door to Kamala who, in spite of being wildly unpopular (finishing 2% in the Democrat primaries,) is very much the global cabal, their Chinese Communist accomplices, and Obama’s first choice for an “installed” 47th POTUS.

He also added that you looked into her (which I applaud,) but there is a bit more than what may have surfaced on a Google search about what she’s about. She checks all the boxes for the global elite. She’s so opposed to any real “net neutrality,” she literally campaigned to remove the President of the United States from social media. Imagine how much “free speech,” the rest of us will have under her command.

She also openly declared that the Soros funded riots were “not going to stop,” (repeated several times,) before, nor even after the coming Election. She also added that it should not. This is extremely important to understand. But it requires a little background on the Socialist Revolution playbook.

At the end of this clip, you’ll see Kamala telling it like it is. She’s the #TopDown to the #BottomUp to turn our way of life #InsideOut which is the standard Socialist Revolution playbook.

The destruction of monuments is more than just “symbolic,” and it’s important to hear from someone who experienced the same Globalist activated movement in Venezuela to correctly interpret these events.

I know this letter is long, and I hope you’ll appreciate that it’s hard to condense a competent argument to “switch sides” into a Tweet or a bumper sticker. If you’re still reading, I’ll take a moment to offer praise and thanks.

I also hope you’ll recognize that respect of elders is nice, but the future of America is really more impactful to your life and particularly to those of your younger cousins.

To recap, handing the Presidency to China’s choice gives us massive censorship (1st Amendment,) elimination of 2nd Amendment (our ability to defend ourselves) while simultaneously issuing stand down orders to government sponsored rioters that will greatly interfere with some lives while taking others.

There is no miracle in economic theory that can coexist with any of that. Now let’s add the next issue. All the extraordinary effort of securing our Southern Border will be evaporated. The Harris-Biden administration (as it’s repeatedly been called by both Joe and Kamala,) will march in countless “caravans” to simply outnumber any “red blooded Americans” that remain and to compete for our pensions, property, clothing and ultimately to war against us on the streets and at the polls.

This is very good for the Chinese Communists and their Globalist and NWO accomplices and here are a few clues as to why!

Replacement Migration

If you think rewarding China for the virus the released to serve various political objectives including as a Hail Mary pass for the Democrats to retake the White House is a “good idea,” you may also want to look into the live organ harvesting of political dissenters, and the millions of Muslims they are presently holding in concentration camps.

Also if you like Hong Kong Chinese, their autonomy will be completely ended, and additionally we’ll be saying a sad goodbye to the last safe space for traditional Chinese Culture outside of HK, namely Taiwan.

The Green New Deal schemes will expand poverty, put more plastic pollution in our oceans, eliminate affordable energy for Americans and we’ll all be experiencing rolling blackouts as routine business. There will be no actions taken against the arsonists setting California Wildfires, and there will most certainly be much more just like in Australia.

I may add more later, but that should probably be guided by your response to all that I’ve served so far in this admittedly long letter.

I fully get that the last thing you want is still more pressure when you’ve been overly exposed to in home hot-and-cold running politics by my dear brother (your father.)

I also know that there’s amazing peer pressure and I learned that your sister is about ready to reluctantly vote against her own conscience, because she’s too honest to tell friends anything but the truth about her vote. She realizes that if drone brained college bullies aka friends get any idea of a Trump voter in their midst, that it would be an utter war of “cancellation,” ritual shaming and worse.

That may also be a pressure that you’re dealing with as you arrive at your own choice.

Whereas your father let me know that you may believe he and I are “horrible people” for our “weird boomer politics,” it’s my hope that you recognize this writing as a reach out to you (and others,) and that you’ll take it as an expression of love. Again, I’ll remind you, that, where elders should be offered some respect for their experience, the world is more yours than mine.


Your Concerned Uncle

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