Replacement Migration, the UN’s Scheme to End Sovereign Nations

November 27, 2018
Updated November 19, 2022
ODP Staff

There’s an important story behind the so-called “caravan” of “migrants” or “asylum seekers,” the complicit propagandists will have you believe are “escaping” to America for “a better life.”

This content doesn’t appear to be permitted on Youtube, so for now I’ll provide a link by Facebook.  If anyone finds alternate links, please provide in the comments since I doubt it will last long on Zucker’s personal webpage previously known as “platform.”

Even ANTIFA is smarter than other forms of Open Borders Democrat. When they chant “No Borders! No Wall! No USA at All!” they demonstrate sufficient intelligence to make the connection.

I’ve not yet found a more concise presentation of facts and recommend you share this generously to any friends that embrace the massive lies being fed them by media propagandists about “mothers with babies,  teargas,” are being “oppressed” by “racist and xenophobic” Americans.  


^The above video was REMOVED from Facebook as part of the most recent purge by the vile crony capitalist and accomplice, Mark Zuckerberg.

Replacement to the previously posted video which presently is still on Youtube. As predicted the above was removed by CIA-Google. Our own backup copy is now embedded below to avoid further inconvenience.

Before dismissing “Replacement Migration” as some sort of “conspiracy theory” conjured up by the “right wing,” read all about it here:


Whereas even Democrats used to speak in strong and clear terms about the importance of immigration control…

…few politicians are keeping their own call for compliance to UN’s border busting activities any sort of secret. 

And today Schumer proves in his own statements that Replacement Migration conspiracy isn’t just “a theory.”

The very fact that a sitting US Representative can openly call for an invading foreign army to fight AGAINST our own US Armed Forces to pry open our border for the UN demonstrates how far we’ve already fallen as a nation.
Interestingly, UN took the corresponding link DOWN from their own website! 

Some evolutionary factors as to why women and estrogen poisoned men are motivated to invite invading armies is presented here.  Google has this one all but banned from Youtube, so you actually have to click through a warning before you’re entitled to these facts:

Black Pigeon Speaks on Women and Civilizations

Please share this information like your life depends on it.  Your way of life certainly does, and life itself may very well be at stake.

Article 2 of UN’s Bill of Bullshit “Rights” seems to align with their contemporary demands that “migrants” are owed welfare and voting” rights” immediately and regardless of citizenship.

©2018 Occupy Democrats Parody

Here an open borders advocate unwittingly reveals that the left know all about catch and release, and how holes in the system are very much by their design and celebrated by the left.
Original copy removed by Youtube (see below)
Here a Gates connected darling Carol Baker explains how the mass importation of unwashed hoards that can’t even write nor read in their own language are “better” than “whites” since they’re less likely to question vaccination!

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