Leftist Talking Points: “It’s Faux News!”

October 28, 2020
Updated November 9, 2020

While the TV programmed leftist masses gobble up every last bit of “news” and opinion from the corporate news monopolies that all parrot whatever trickles down from old school propagandists that debut most of their CIA Mockingbird content via the New York Times, their real obsession is with one particular choice on their clicker that they’ll avoid at all costs.

Fox News is also a piece of corporate media, and they also have a habit of towing their owner’s line, but doing some deductive reasoning based on a famous Harvard Study, they lie only about 60% of the time in bold defiance of the 93% lies standards set by the “press we can” echo chambers of CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, and PBS.

In one exchange with a rather exuberant leftist, they mad a proposition that if they called out some Tucker Carlson lies, we would simply “deny” whatever evidence they might serve. Ultimately another chimed in with wild hypotheticals about what they presumed might be our response were such examples to be provide.

To date no actual example of a “lie” from Tucker Carlson was ever provided, but we did finally discover one on our own. When, on his October 14, 2020 segment he claimed that the same forces within and that control “big tech” would not censor his program, a day or so later the very segment was removed either by the CIA-Google that runs Youtube and/or Fox News. A second backup copy was ultimately taken down a few days later on “copyright” claims (which suggests Fox was behind or complicit in the censorship.)

From Harvard Study on Media Bias

Meanwhile, it’s nearly impossible to address any subject with any leftist participating in online rants against Trump without routine and regular advertising of the Fox News Channel.

Apparently the mere existence of one channel that doesn’t lie so hard as what they demand from their favorites is a cause for great emotional pain.



Note that in the above article we “complimented” Fox for “being right” a full 40% of the time. Recent developments including the “We did it!” Tweet from Fox ownership over the Biden victory Fox announced prematurely, punishment of Judge Jeanine and the outright censorship of their own Tucker Carlson segment. The great Louder With Crowder who appears to have outperformed Fox’s Election Coverage, has some of his own excellent comments about what Fox has become:

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