A Tale of Two Presidents and their Respective Ascent From and To Reality TV Stardom.

October 29, 2020
Updated November 2, 2020

Many on the left mock Trump for “humble beginnings” as the Reality TV personality most well known for his signature line: “You’re Fired!” Meanwhile, Barack Obama, who carried his long running career as Alinskyite agitator into the White House where he sowed division and despair nationally and even on the global stage, was so jealous of President Donald Trump, that he became inspired to reinvent himself in the same field.

And now, with Obama tight with Netflix specials, and even scoring a special and familiar role of “Comedian” in Seinfeld’s “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” it serves as the ultimate story of “Trading Places!”

Setting aside Barack’s extremely destructive activities before and after his Presidency, Obama clearly does have a certain clown quality.

Apart from the amazing storybook aspects of these two diverging career paths, there’s an underlying message that of Trump’s inspiration to even the most reluctant of his admirers.

Obama’s ascent from his log tenure as Community Disorganizer which included 8 years of performing this role from the White House to gain his own Reality TV programming is an astounding story of Trading Places.

We can only hope that Obama can find himself as comfortable in his new role as Reality Star as Trump appears to be in his role as Leader of the Free World.

A picture that tells the story of first days in office as President of the United States as experienced by two very different sorts of men.
Trump abstains from an obvious temptation to deliver his signature “You’re Fired!” line to former President Barack Hussein Obama

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