On Selective News Fasting

November 18, 2020

Most of humanity, by nature, reluctant to accept claims of diabolical schemes waging secret war against the larger part of the world’s population, and while most reflexively dismiss such notions as simply “conspiratorial” and thus categorically “false” less any independent research nor even casual examination, others might offer up “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!” as a conversational exit strategy.

With the levels of stress in the lives of most individuals, a luxury of entertaining the “crazy” notions lurking outside our doors of “acceptable agreed upon consensus” of “what’s true,” amounts to an alternative to a more general strategy of sanity retention by “news fasting.”

This “selective news fasting,” allows good citizens to carry on in their lives without a more Dr. Weil recommended weekly schedule of simply “tuning out” and “turning off,” the otherwise constant barrage of “news” that’s, whether a motivated by “ratings,” “manipulation,” or “bad luck,” is rarely “good news.”

Whereas Dr Weil’s version of “news fasting,” is arguably an essential life strategy to maintain sanity while also being sufficiently informed to participate as a good citizen in a more free society that’s guided by “a democracy of ideas,” most are either unaware of this concept and the important protection to mind and body it offers.

Still, the human machine (comprised of mind and body,) makes some intuitive decisions on its own, and so many will find themselves hanging up phones (from family or friends,) that get “too political,” or otherwise represent an overload of difficult, unhappy information that simply exceeds their limits of enduring what can amount to a psychological form of torture.

Regrettably this need to “tune out” is more often applied in a more selective manner. Rather than just limiting a daily or weekly “dose” of what is often stressful information, most simply “tune out,” anything that’s “too out there,” and beyond the range of what category of information they’ll accept on their plate.

So, instead of measuring courses, and limiting unhealthy snacks, the larger group simply skips the meat and vegetables in favor of potatoes and an extra serving of dessert.

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