Unmasking BLM Marxism Exposes its Underlying Racism

November 27, 2020
Updated February 15, 2021

The self identified “Trained Marxists” that lead the wildly racist “Black Lives Matter” cult are anything but opposed to racism.

And while their “allies” promote their insidious hate fueled dogma, they routinely speak out and act out on their genocidal hatred of whomever they declared “privileged” and mostly “whites.”

And of course any who dare call out the wild lies of the ugly hate speech that preaches BLM dogma do so at great risk.

White Genocide is at the core of the wildly racist and hateful Critical Race Theory that’s being mainstreamed in public school curriculum.

And of course “whites” aren’t the only ones to be victimized by the Burn Loot and Murder club.

And those who believe that a stolen election is “the answer,” obviously missed Kamala Devi Harris’ speech.

There is no appeasing Marxists, and any concession given will only make them stronger and more dangerous.

Meanwhile the Black Lives appear to “matter” most to a certain quality of Liberal “White” Woman.

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