Obama Pipeline: On the Lasting Effects of Agencies Corrupted

November 20, 2020

Per the US Constitution, the Executive Branch is the head of all government agencies, from the FBI, CIA, BLM (Bureau of Land Management,) EPA, GOA, NSA, and every Embassy. He’s also the Commander in Chief of all divisions of the US Military.

There can be no question that Obama exercised his power with impunity and without ever being questioned nor challenged by the sycophants that covered up most of his Presidency in the media.

The mere act of firing a subordinate is grounds for sounding all the bells of hysteria by the complicit Obama media.

The few in the press that did legitimate journalism soon found themselves in trouble (or worse.)

Obama’s brutal war on press inspired our brand name.

The work Obama did had lasting and extremely damaging effects. In his first days he systematically scrubbed agencies like the EPA of all legitimate scientists, and changed their use of actual lab work with computer model based “science.”

Additionally he promoted and hired the worst possible ideologues to weaponize the agency to be deployed against all political opposition. No agencies were spared the corruption inclusive of the EPA (who in the early going abused their power to punish conservative Gibson Guitar,) the IRS, (caught red handed targeting conservatives,) the FBI, (turned into another CIA with an emphasis on targeting Americans over International enemies to tyranny,) and the CIA, that already had a nefarious reputation was placed more directly into the control of Communists.

Whereas the newly elected President Trump was readily able to reverse most of Obama’s (mostly unconstitutional) Executive Orders, even that was to be hindered by Marxists posting as “judges” in the infested Judiciary as demonstrated when the courts that rolled over for Obama’s abuse of power DACA EO would magically block Trump’s EO authority to simply reverse it.

While Americans are left to wonder, “where is the FBI?” on the greatest scandals in the history of our United States, the leftists gaslight with language like… “even Trump’s own FBI says there is no evidence of… {fill in the blank}!”

And Trump’s administration is left with a major handicap. The man who became famous for “You’re Fired” as a “reality TV” personality, now can’t do ANY real firing. Any he dares to fire from the agencies for their insubordination or outright treason are simply replaced by the swamp bureaucracy which falsely claims that all replacements must ascend through their so-called “pipeline” within the agency. And so it serves as a real world example of a hydra where you “chop off one ugly head,” and another Obamamite rises up.

And if Trump outsmarts this system and appoints his own, the corrupted judges will declare his appointment somehow “invalid” (in defiance of the Constitution,) for betraying an imaginary “requirement” upheld by the very same corrupt bureaucracy.

Furthermore, they’ll take all the actions done by such a legitimate agency head and declare those “invalid.”

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