In Remembrance of the Late and Great Walter E. Williams

December 2, 2020

So many great losses suffered in 2020 and yet today we’ve learned that the amazingly wonderful Walter E. Williams, a “black” life that most definitely did matter, has spent his last hours with us in our worldly domain today on December 2 of 2020.

He inspired many with his wit, wisdom, and by the example of a perfect American who overcame adversity and ascended to become one of the best and most respected minds in economics, and in the field of American life.

We proudly displayed our Certificate of Amnesty on Twitter until the vile Jackolf Twitler took down all 40,000 of our tweets along with the account.

Whereas this wonderful man will be greatly missed we can at least take some solace in knowing that Obama won’t likely be disrupting his funeral with an unhinged ramp to promote Democrat Vote Fraud.

The vile liar Barack Hussain Obama disrupts the solemnity of John Lewis memorial to perform an ACORN style soap box speech to promote Democrat Vote Fraud.

In addition to being a brilliant Professor of Economics, Walter E. Williams was among the voices of integrity and reason among the most revered of American leaders of African descent.

For this reason he’ll not gather much attention from the media that tends to marginalize any of the “brown faces” without what they condescendingly call out as “black voices.”

It’s regrettably that Professor Williams won’t be able to celebrate a transition to a 2nd Trump Term as the more optimistic anticipate realizing in the coming weeks.

Rest in Peace Walter E. Williams. Good and God Fearing Americans will look forward to seeing you on the other side.

©2020 WarOnPress

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