As Fast as Evidence of Vote Fraud Comes In, It is Suppressed by Press and Censored by Social Media

December 2, 2020

It’s obviously no surprise that an important speech by the President of the United States has been snubbed by all of the Democrat Media Complex “news” carriers.

The President needs to rely on individuals to share his important message that the Lying MKUltra Mockingbird Media will “cover” only with their own sneer and ridicule of his statement of resolve to save our Republic.

And obviously it is no surprise that the Social Media monopolies will do their part to censor anything inconvenient to their ongoing efforts to ensure that the past “election” remains “rigged” to their preference for what’s becoming increasingly clear as a “Third Obama Term.”

Even images of clear violations of law are being aggressively censored.

If the President overcomes this latest of many illegal coups, there will be much to celebrate, but of course Democrat’s “come together” messaging will be proven quite disingenuous once the nuclear levels of Soros Riot play out.

The great “brown immigrant” Dinesh D’Souza has a plan to help Biden cope.

Even sharing a screen shot of something inconvenient to Biden’s criminal enterprise and accomplices results in a strike by the censors at Facebook

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