An Increasingly Diverse Range of MAGA Music Offers Escape from the Vulgarian “Cardi B” Culture.

January 3, 2021
Updated September 16, 2021

While lemmings follow their fully vaccinated, indoctrinated, comrades towards the cliff of universal poverty, an emerging counter culture of conservatism rejects the vile “WAP” products by vulgarians like “Cardi B.” in favor of a new life and humanity affirming genre of music.

Here’s a small sample that served up the entertainment at a major Trump rally at Freedom Plaza.

Positive pro America MAGA messaging set to a sick hip hop beat delights an audience at Freedom Plaza and CSPAN viewers across the country.

Another departure from the “country/Western” theme that once dominated the pro-American music scene includes a hip hop segment against a ballad that incorporates familiar lyrical themes and melodies.

More samples of the diverse range of MAGA music will be featured soon, so bookmark this page and check back. Also please add any of your own favorites to the comments.

Meanwhile, here’s a few comments on what the left is offering to spread mind rot to the world’s children:

Vulgarian Cardi B. makes such a splash on the mind rot music for tots scene, she earned attention from the great Tucker Carlson and “Joey B. Biden.” – Goolag Censors took down another one.

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