YouTube Lawyer takes Howling at the Moon to a New Level in Epic TDS Rant!

January 2, 2021

Under the brand, “Legal Eagle,” one Devin James Stone takes seemingly sensible legal advice to YouTube on a variety of practical legal questions, and some of these contributions are arguably quite useful.

In past videos, he had revealed himself a man who’s strengths are balanced by a weakness for Trump in the form of a rabid and irrational hatred of our 45th President that’s always just below the surface of any content that relates directly or even peripherally to our present administration.

But more recently, he’s taken off mask and, (also metaphorically speaking,) trousers, to render a chilling and naked “howling at the moon” performance of his inner Mr. Hyde. With his latest series of unhinged rants, he leaves however few sensible fans to reexamine his more usual Dr. Jekyll of Law performances that earned him an impressive 1.49 million subscribers on YouTube.

In this wild and reckless “howling at the moon” rant, he likens innocent men like Paul Manafort and Roger Stone with “murderers,” repeatedly calling their Presidential Pardons a big travesty of justice, without specifying any of the “crimes” by either that might have deserved convictions that exceed those given to actual murderers. He also conveniently omits the many times more pardons by his apparent hero Obama which were, mostly, of actual criminals inclusive of terrorists.

In the above insufferable rant, Devin Stone portrayed himself as the kind of “sleaze lawyuh” persona that is the basis for most jokes about lawyers. Still, outside of his apparent emotional problems with President Trump, who has exercised more restraint and adherence to the Constitution than any in the 100 years prior to 2017, Devin serves up useful information on other subjects. So whereas his “howling at the moon” will replace his former “legal eagle” brand reputation with more of a barking “legal beagle,” we still rate his other YouTube videos, worth a watch.

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3 thoughts on “YouTube Lawyer takes Howling at the Moon to a New Level in Epic TDS Rant!”

  1. It is simply bizarre to me how highly intelligent and seemingly level-headed people can take such polarized positions on a given topic that seems so straightforward and benign. TDS is truly a disease.


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