Merry Christmas from the Holy Mother Zuckerberg

December 24, 2020

Twas the morn before a largely “canceled Christmas,” where not a creature was yet stirring, apart from a few fish in a tank, and ma who was stepping out for her morning workout, said “have the kids ready at 2:30” on her way out.

Emerging from sleep on the couch, I reached for my phone, and was greeted with a warm green Christmasy message assuring me that the charging was completed, 100%.

Then what to my still squinty eyes should appear, but an alert that the Holy Mother Zuckerberg, has focused on my account with eyes queer.

A meme I had posted, on one page of 66, was previously deemed “hate speech,” with charges reviewed and then later recanted. And in a case of double jeopardy, as I’ve come to discover, had been claimed yet again, for a Christmas 30 days lockout, yet another!

And now alas, I’ve learned my lesson. No mocking of Kamala nor Warren this season. If only I could take it all back with some magic, I’d still have access to my socially distant friends and family and navigate the promise of “dark winter” with more good cheer and less tragic.

Mother Zuckerberg emboldened with the election he rigged, all statements of moderation have now been reneged. And now he’ll go crazy with even more censorship, as if Kamala were already heels up in the Oval Office with her whip.

©2020 WarOnPress

Locked out for 30 days for the above “hate speech” that was tagged “violation” then reviewed (December 19th) and then found “not in violation,” until it was put on trial again December 23 and all appeals refused.

Ironically I had just posted this which will, if the FB Jail goes as expected be my last and final post of 2020 and until January 23.
FB Gulag will help me better celebrate a Communist Christmas

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