Addendum to Recipe for a Parkland Shooting

March 23, 2021
Updated March 24, 2021

Since our Recipe for Parkland Shooting was published we’ve yet to encounter any serious minded exploration by any proponent of gun control of the “8 Ingredients” we enumerated and detailed.

One would think that if the parties that routinely invoke the horrible memory of that day might take themselves seriously enough to examine the combination of factors that led to the Parkland Shooting and that will invariably present as factors in the inevitable “next time.” And yet, today, none have taken up the challenge.

In reality the proponents of what they euphemistically package as “common sense gun control,” are lacking in common sense, and thus cannot be counted upon for any logical arguments to connect the proposals they make or embrace to any possibility of a safer future for our schools and our children.

The escalation of school shootings and other mass murder scenarios are only to be expected whenever significant gun legislation is being forwarded in and through Congress. So the recent events are but a sample of what will continue to come until the criminals that either indirectly cause (by poor policies) or directly schedule (as is demonstrably the case with Parkland.)

David Hogg’s own home video that he made after this son-of-FBI DeepStater rode into school (after staying home during the dangerous parts,) has since been removed. But the students he interview all clearly state that they thought the bullets they heard were part of the “drill” scheduled for that day.

And here are two more interviews you will NOT see on your TV.

Here the eye witness tells a reporter that students assumed it was the drill they were told would happen that day. This is a classic tell of a deep state orchestrated event.

All kinds of problems with the official story, starting with the drill, and her encounter with the alleged shooter who seemed to be otherwise accounted for while the shooter or shooters were working their magic to promote gun control and influence the 2018 election.

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The best way to predict a Mass Shooting is to check to see if there’s any big gun legislation being pushed up into or through Congress. Or if there are any “unfavorable” rulings where a higher court had the audacity of applying the Constitution to a the cancellation of existing anti-American gun legislation.

When the White House has fallen to Democrat Control, the frequency will also be up since they’re operating in concert with the Democrat infested agencies.

©2021 WarOnPress

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