“Anti-Asian Hate” Mischaracterized to Defame Good Americans While Hiding Black Crime

April 7, 2021
Updated March 15, 2022

A wave of “Black” on Asian crime has escalated as the Critical Race Theory hate speech elevated as “curriculum” has expanded the usual racist screed against “white privilege” to include the group that routinely outperforms all other colors of American.

The Cultural Marxists had unceremoniously disenfranchised Asians from their magical “People of Color” designation long before they came up with a new, more hateful, racist and exclusionary term “BIPOC” which explicitly means “everybody but whites and Asians.”

Reports of violent beat downs and even murders of Asian Americans make repeated mention of the ethnicity of the victim, but, in contrast, make absolutely no reference to the perp which is predominantly “black crime.”

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In the case of a Manhattan woman on her way to church, the complete lack of description of the perp is accompanied by deflection about how the security guards that shut themselves into the a lobby during this disgusting display of a racist “black” thug and murderer let back onto streets by a broken justice system, should all be fired.

Take the challenge and find one main stream media report that doesn’t mention the victim’s demographic as “Asian” six and more times while making exactly zero mentions of the perp’s race/ethnicity.

In reality, were those security guards properly armed (as prevented by absurd violations of the 2nd Amendment that prevail in New York,) and had been able to safely respond with appropriate force, the news story would have shifted from the poor Asian lady to another darling “black” treated unfairly by “racists” enforcers. And following hours of incitement by social media algorithms and lying Mockingbird Media outlets like CNN, the whole of Manhattan would have been burned to the ground.

They never mention the perp’s color when it’s not “white.”

Meanwhile, the wild liars desperately reach to attempt to portray the massage parlor murders as a case of “anti-Asian” hate crime. One particularly dishonest piece pointed to a case investigator’s use of social media post concerning a “China Virus,” as if this wild stretch to suggest “racism” of the investigator can somehow be tied to the perp to reach for a “racial” motive.

Meanwhile the black crimes will continue, and many are motivated by the hatred spewed as “curriculum” concerning “white” and Asian “privilege,” and the nature of these vile crimes will be obscured to blame any and all good American citizens that may have correctly identified the COVID as “Asian” or “Wuhan Flu” as they were originally told to do by the MSM talking heads on their TV sets.

Al these low IQ dimwits on MSM using the obvious tag for the virus before their CCP masters told them to brand it “racist.”

Lying NY Times busy blaming the security guards for exercising the right extended to full blown police officers to do nothing. And of course if they had, Manhattan would be in flames for the “very bad” actions of “racist” security oppressing on a darling innocent “black” with some mental problems.

This kind of lying and coverup by media is even openly discussed in this piece about the wave of “black” crime against Orthodox Jews in the same city, and how lying by omission is “OK” because of “larger” moral concerns.

Note that ABC (aka All Bull Crap) makes NO mention of the perps characteristics.

And here’s an example of hate speech on Twitter to fan the flames of Black on Asian violence:


And here the little darlings of the left BLM thugs take their hate straight to China Town!
If this sick “opinion” by Batya Ungar-Sargon doesn’t make your blood boil, you’re just the kind of stock the Democrat party upholds in high esteem.

Of course BLM bowel movement is a major source of anti-Asian hate! The great Terrence K. Williams reports!

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It wouldn’t be fair to leave out the other big source of anti-Asian hate, namely Democrats in Congress.

This also serves to prove that “in-Depends” are just as bad as “Diaper-Democrats” with their #AntiAsianHate
Another darling of the left stabs two elderly Asian women in broad daylight.

It’s really time to put an end to this all now, but the Democrat bureaucrats are accomplices and these violent thugs are their proxy army.

If Oakland honored the 2nd Amendment, these vile perps would be taken out for good, and Asians would be safe conducting their daily business in what has become an open zoo.
Meanwhile, the Marxist Professors that have access to our children take their lies to an extreme.

One of the most hateful flavor of street democrat, the so-called “Black Hebrew Israelites” openly advocate slavery, rape, and violence against Americans of every color, but they also demonstrate a particular disdain and hatred for Asian Americans.

Watch on Youtube here
Amazingly, purse snatchers doing apparent “profiling” are being flagged for anti-Asian hate for not adequately diversifying their portfolio of victims to simultaneously raise awareness of “anti-Asian hate,” while unwittingly calling more attention to “black crime.”
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