Local “News” is Now an Outlet for Cultural Marxism Propaganda

December 18, 2020

San Francisco favorite for Local “News,” KTVU, Channel 2, has always been a beacon of wildly leftward bent messaging, but they’ve degraded further into the depths of a Cultural Marxist propaganda hell that amplifies the inane contemporary message that “calling the cops” on any they identify as “BIPOC,” is now a crime in of itself.

At first glance, a sane person might believe that KTVU was doing an expose on mental illness in Sonoma County and Petaluma. A parade of bipolar lunatics take turns ranting before the camera about how “very bad” a “racist” one poor lady must have been for her “offense” of calling the cops on what she thought might be a kidnapper to protect children.

Many were already been aware that “POC” an acronym for “Person of color” or “people of color,” was the extremely racist and exclusionary term adopted by the Critical Race theory crowd for “anyone but whites.” Apparently that ugly language was since deemed too inclusive, and so they created a new favorite identity tag, “BIPOC” to exclude Asian Americans in spite of prior Cultural Marxist newsletter announcements that “POC” already counted these out!

People of Color apparently had been previously mistaken as “too inclusive,” and so they’ve first, by decree of the Cultural Marxist “thought” leadership, that the Asian box should be unchecked. And now BIPOC removes any ambiguity as the extra exclusionary racist term for “Black and Indigenous People of Color.”

Apparently the “movement” was catching on to the fact that Asians routinely outperform academically, in career, and family values the “whites” that they’ve been insisting as the primary target of their jealousy over “privilege.”

No BIPOC convention is complete without a token “white guilt liberal,” and this one goes on to cry about how she “never saw anyone but white people,” until later in life, and how horrible she feels for having been raised with “privilege,” based on her “whiteness.” She also mentions her “racist feelings” that apparently dominated her thoughts as a “young activist.”

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