Fake Holidays: “Juneteenth”

June 17, 2021
Updated June 18, 2021

The left is so successful with their tactics, few if any Republicans in Congress could afford the risk of standing up to the latest of countless anti-American Marxist holidays to be made “official.”

The talking points are as exploitive as the foolish business about “black lives mattering.” Any who contest enrolling the clown holiday of “Juneteenth,” which is as absurd as the name makes it sound, will be smeared as if they were opposed to emancipation, just as those who oppose the vile Marxist movement of BLM be defamed as believing “black lives don’t matter.”

In reality, America celebrates their real emancipation on Flag Day and again on the Fourth of July. We also honor MLK’s vision for ensuring equality in freedom to the a part of America long abused by Democrats on his namesake holiday.

Juneteenth, is a Marxist replacement for those pro-American affairs that celebrate the freedom of all colors of American. Whereas some might seem it quite alright to celebrate “emancipation,” if that were the nature of “Juneteenth,” they’d have called it “Emancipation Day.” The true nature of the holiday is to gloat over the sad business of Americans killing Americans during the unfortunate business of a Civil War that cost many good men, women and children on both sides. Quite contrary to the mind rot anti-American rhetoric and even hate speech known as “Critical Race Theory” being passed off as “curriculum,” there was some complexity to the positions taken up by the North and South, and there were abolitionists and slavers on both sides.

And of course there are many anti-American celebrations being pushed by the left as an aspect of their contemporary repeat of China’s Cultural Revolution common referred to as “culture wars.”

And the inane Juneteenth that most never even heard of until Obama started up BLM isn’t the first “Eff You” Holiday directed at Flag Day and Fourth of July. The original anti-Independence Day would clearly go to Cinco de Mayo.

Note that the Communists that run Google put the insidious “Juneteenth” into the official US Holiday calendar before the vote in Congress and signature by the CCP stooge in the Nut House formerly known as “White House. What’s even more impressive is that they simply dropped Flag Day autonomously on their own apparent Marxist authority claimed by big tech.

Ultimately every single one of the vile Marxist Holiday’s being successfully pitched with complicit lying media, Communist infiltrated schools, and tech monopolies are distinctly anti-American. And none has any place being given a moment’s attention in America.

These are the types that promote “Juneteenth” and it’s certainly not an expression of any love for America.

And the vile “Juneteenth” fraud was popularized by this wild fraud and the parody of American History named “1619 Project.”

Meanwhile there’s still slavery today, including the type that aligns on the color wheel in a manner that might particularly offend the “Trained Marxists” among the left.

Thanks to today’s Democrats slavery of “blacks” is still a thriving global enterprise.

So maybe that’s a reason why the left wouldn’t want to call it simply Emancipation day, since it hasn’t yet happened.

And whereas the Brits should be shunned for their vile present-day politics, the real reprieve from the slave trade might be credited to their ancestors who finally put an end to the Shanti’s favorite business of capturing and selling “their own” as slaves.

Finally, until we get around to the abolishing of the ATF and IRS, every American can make the claim misattributed to the clowns that promote the shirt opening this article of being “freeish.”

Meanwhile the same hateful and spiteful anti-Americans are busy whining and complaining for having got their way on the latest fraudulent holiday to remind us that they’re simply no appeasing the left.

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Charlie Kirk explains in detail why Juneteenth is a destructive and divisive fraud.
The great Candace Owens eloquently explains how Juneteenth is a destructive distraction from what really matters.

7 thoughts on “Fake Holidays: “Juneteenth””

  1. twitter.com/brownblaze/status/1405375806432444417
    >>I just saw that Juneteenth bill really passed through Congress, realized that means white people will be off on that day and now I’m ready to burn some shit.

    more proof that Hillary was correct! Blacks ARE Superpredators!!!


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