Lefties Mostly Silent While Obama’s “JV Team” is Back to their Usual Atrocities

August 17, 2021

Extremely disturbing images are just the tip of an ice berg. These vile cockroaches that have been placed in charge of Afghanistan by Obama and his accomplices are the proxy army of the left and their tactics are even worse than BLM and Antifa. Of course the worst of these offenders will soon be imported as “refugees” while the women and children are left to atrocities far more stomach turning than what we’re shown here:

(Disturbing content. Continue at your own discretion.)

Some on the left realize they’re seeing something that’s not quite right and appear to be seeking “context” to help them make sense of something that shouldn’t be tolerated ever in any corner of the world.

Meanwhile the discerning know this is simply a replay of the Obama years now under the direction of Obama’s Third Term. What may appears as incompetence by Biden, is all part of an extremely evil plan being carried out by his handlers.

By now we should know all too well exactly who, apart from the CCP is pulling Biden’s straings.


Fun Fact: The leader of the Taliban was released by Obama as part of his five for one swap to “rescue” the American Taliban Bowe Bergdahl. This and other important details offered up by the great Mark Dice.

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