Obama’s “JVTeam” is Back in a Horrific Tale of “Taliban Rising with Biden!”

September 7, 2021

After historic middle east peace deals were achieved by the competent hands of a Trump Presidency shortened by Biden’s “network of voter fraud,” the global landscape is quickly being restored to the Obama Democrat’s version of “order.”

The unspeakable horrors now unfolding that, just a few days ago, Fraudulent President Biden described as “nothing near comparable to Vietnam,” is now, by the words of corporate media’s own anchors, far worse.

While the helpless Christians and others are left to suffering beyond what will be described here, Biden and his global cabal accomplices are no doubt arranging to “rescue” the very perpetrators and import these as “refugees” in a manner consistent with Obama’s twisted policy.

So soon the very fighting aged men will be imported to carry out their work as proxy army of the left, and those who cannot be directly received without ringing too many alarm bells will exploit the wide open border that Fauci has yet to criticize as a concern. While carriers are transported by the Biden administration into the interior of the country, and with a special emphasis on “Red States,” to “prove” to the gullible that their proven policies “didn’t work,” a fresh batch of ISIS will join the ranks of BLM and Antifa to finish off whatever the diseases or shots don’t neutralize of our citizens.

Whereas it’s highly appropriate to weep for those already delivered to despair…

Afghani girl cries as Obama’s JV Team is unleashed. Taliban rising with Biden

…we may be, very soon, weeping for our own daughters.

A response to what may have been a sarcastic comment misinterpreted

Whereas it might be another occasion to laugh at what might appear as wild incompetence by Biden, none of this should be mistaken for anything but an intentional act to restore the Middle East to what’s very much desired by the evil of what many recognize as “Obama’s Third Term,” and their CCP accomplices.

Here the CCP openly boasts about their ownership and control over the USM through “China Joe” in an open threat to conquer Taiwan, and that’s obviously coming very soon now that the Olympics are finished.

It seems increasingly clear that whatever comes of the audits will come far too late to save us from Biden’s own “operation warp speed” of utter destruction in and beyond our compromised borders.

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