Elite Medicine

The very perps that delivered the CCP Virus are the same that withhold legitimate medicine and therapies while pushing fake “vaccines.”

September 16, 2021

Bidens recent announcement of a plan to ration monoclonal antibodies, the therapy attributed to the saving of roughly ninety thousand lives, is just another in a series of cases of withholding proven treatments.

The proven monoclonal antibodies treatment is among a range of therapies actively suppressed by the elite and their useful idiot leftist base.

There may be a reason beyond just leaving surfs to die for his proposed scheme of rationing. The required plasma donations cannot be performed by any who destroyed their health with the “vaccines,” and so, as the jabs are pushed harder on an unsuspecting public under extreme pressure, the supply of donors will continue to shrink.

Whereas some states still bar “vaccinated” from any blood donations, California is an exception, and so any who require blood transfusion in a California hospital are at risk of receiving “vaccine” tainted blood.

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