Twitter’s Evil Empire Strikes League of Men Voters

January 8, 2020
Updated October 27, 2021
LMV Staff


After three uninterrupted months of restored splendor, a chance encounter with an apparent Twitter Staffer proved fatal. All the warning signs of being a “hall monitor” were there, and so a precautionary measure to employ the “block the snitches” policy was applied, but oddly this account could not be blocked. Realizing that this was clearly a super-user paid troll account, a few last farewells were posted before the predictable outcome was fully realized.

LMV account at the moment of destruction

Great fun was had while it lasted, and some can still be enjoyed here on the Twits on Twitter page!

Responding to hate by the most vile of twits on twitter is apparently “hateful conduct” per Jackolf and his merry band of Twitter Twits.

Here’s a last look at some of the final moments of LMV on Jackolf Twitler’s personal webpage formerly known as “platform.”


After several inconveniences imposed by the Communists running Twitter, this morning great fun obliterating the delusions of inane Marxist indoctrinated children was interrupted. An attempt to respond to a comment resulted in an error which, at first, was assumed to be a case of a deleted comment. I then attempted to respond directly from the other user’s “replies” list, assuming they simply removed and reposted to fix a typo, and got the same error.

It didn’t take too many more attempts to tweet to realize the “Your account has been suspended” message at the bottom of the screen. No explanation was yet provided, nor is there any record of an email alerting to any problems with the account.

The entire following of just over 1600 users has been reset to zero, and it appears that all Tweets (just over 40 thousand,) have been removed.

I had observed that some other users had accounts reported and were inconvenienced with account status attacks that were resolvable, but it would appear that this could well be a final blow for League of Men Voter’s Twitter account. More details to follow.

MAY 19, 2020 UPDATE

We have, after depriving our audience of the free education for nearly two months, been reinstated with a casual “oops we made a mistake” email from Twitter.


Boldly went to some inflated leftist timeline and answered a few of the challenges. Of course these are the accounts that are promoted by Twitter and correcting their wild lies and fallacies is apparently verboten.

So this morning, my first efforts to post were again met with the surprise announcement of an account suspension. Filled out the usual form, and now will need to wait, potentially for days to get whatever answer.


Apparently our second strike was explained as some sort of issue with the use of hashtags! Who would ever have believed that hashtags could ever be deemed some sort of problem on Twitter?


Attempted to respond to some absurd defamation memes posted by unhinged lefties, and got the “media failed to upload” error. Ultimately a few additional attempts to Tweet revealed that LMV’s account has been suspended yet again with the customary zero warning. Sent in the appeal at 7:30am and the required email reply and now awaiting what I suspect will be a prolonged if not permanent suspension. Perhaps mocking @Funder or @CNN triggered the action by the typical racketeers that appear to direct Twitter’s policies.

Stand by for another update.


This morning a pleasant surprise was received by someone that seems reasonable on Twitter’s support team.

So now the account has been restored, however the expressed concern about hashtags doesn’t appear to match anything I’d previously seen in the Twitter Rules. More importantly my following and followers still show at zeroes. Hopefully that was just an oversight. As I receive answers on that, a new update will be offered here.


After receiving an odd email early January 15…

January 15 email

I was concerned that LMV had been struck with more harassment and bullying by the operators of Jack’s personal webpage previously known as “platform.” There was good reason to be concerned since previously I had an account completely vaporized along with the roughly 50,300 Tweets that earned a following of roughly 1500.

Repeated appeals yielded no result. And then I began to use my personal account, and slowly earned a following of nearly 2500. Back in June of 2019 I was attacked by Twitter for what they described as a “misleading tweet that concerned elections.”

Finally, by August I realized I’d have to start from scratch, and this was an opportunity to promote another brand LMV. This account was just starting to get some traction and after having crept back from ZERO to roughly 670 followers, I’d be particularly concerned about having that effort dashed to pieces by another of Twitters team of conversation meddlers.

And then this morning, they struck. This time there was not only no warning but there wasn’t even an email announcing a suspension. All there was to alert me to the attack was an attempt to like a tweet returned a “due to suspension your account is not permitted to do this” message. Then I turned my eyes upward to discover my 670 following and 1200 accounts I follow were both set to zero! And based on past experience, this strongly indicates that the account is as good as done.

Nonetheless, I sent in the appeal which, according to the automated replies might take days to process, but obviously I was being a little too effective in an offer of “free education” online to their hoards of liberal twits to expect anything good to come of it.

JANUARY 8 2020

Earlier today, a particularly thin skinned leftist was triggered by a simple comment which prompted him to consult his apparent goto, “Bot Sentinal,” to reassure himself that his humiliation was the result of some imaginary nefarious “trolling” powers of Russian oligarchs.

Just as much as the leftist’s so-called “fact checkers” serve to propagandize and reinforce other leftist propaganda notions, the leftists that created the “Bot Sentinal” defamation tool served well to validate the most irrational of this particular leftist’s social media phobias.

It didn’t take long afterward for the delicate flower to join the ranks of other lefties that found it necessary to seek refuge in their “#BlockedByLibtard” safe space!

Shortly after it seemed that few of my posts were connecting to any audience, and so I became aware of an apparent “shadow ban,” which is Twitter’s method of restricting an audience without officially suspending or taking down “problematic” truth teller accounts.

Didn’t take long until Twitter took further interest in this feeble minded child’s report, and by 8pm, they had placed a restriction on the account. Attempts to get a code to regain access failed, and ultimately after a number of tries “something went” terribly “wrong.”

A subsequent attempt to access the page via an incognito browser window presented an ominous warning to scare off any potential visitors to the very “dangerous” presentation of liberals being corrected online.

Judging from past experience with Twitter, our friends on Twitter will likely have a long wait until they’ll be able to witness the free education we’d been delivering to liberals.

The above related account has been prevented any access to account since last summer via what first appeared to be a bug. Multiple attempts to resolve with Twitter support have essentially been fruitless and there’s every reason to assume that this “bug” is quite intentional.


The account phone number associated is a Google Voice number. I had the default call screening feature enabled which made for a comedy of multiple failed attempts to get their unlock code which apparently could not be delivered by text nor email.

As such the “allowable attempts” was exceeded and a “try later” message provided unspecific hope for a possible future of new attempts.

After filling forms with Twitter support I was given a new login attempt. And this was apparently limited to just one try which, due to the aforementioned problem, failed.

Finally, this morning, I gave it another try. The first attempt failed before it was realized that the call screening feature could be disabled in Google Voice settings.

Then it worked like a charm and I’m back in.

Apparently the pause of access was not for any particular “harassment,” but for “automated behavior.” So we might surmise that following “all who RT” on a train somehow registered as “bot like.” But in reality, there’s never been any automation applied to any LMV brand social media account. And past experience informs that this sort of “violation” is only a prelude to more a more lasting lockout.

An “Explicit Truth” account has been barred access since last Summer. Multiple rides on the Merry Go Round of support on that have been met with zero help. If I learn of a status update on that, a new update will be provided.

ODP’s own account still has never been recovered. With zero warning, after apparently embarrassing a Twitter staffer in debate, that one was reduced to rubble. An entire following earned by 50,300 plus Tweets was vaporized along with each and every of those thoughtful Tweets and replies! More on that can be found in this detailed account of the event.

©2020 Occupy Democrats Parody

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