Following The Science on COVID “Vaccine”

October 29, 2021
Updated November 2, 2021

The shot happy bureaucrats charge forward and are now coming after America’s children all the way down to Kindergarten. Meanwhile their accomplices are busy preparing for, and, through their mass media accomplices normalizing strokes and heart attacks in children to mitigate reactions to an alarming trend in pediatrics of severe clotting and heart problems in their latest victims.

It seems they couldn’t wait to experiment on children, and then ignore the horrible outcomes, which for some volunteers were immediate and profound.

Maddy was a healthy happy child until she made the mistake that fascistic bureaucrats like Gavin Newsom now want to impose on all children.

While some children a being pressured by peers, their schools, churches and even their own parents to sacrifice their own health forever for the most dangerous shots to ever be fraudulently marketed as “vaccine,” to “protect” from a virus that poses virtually no risk to them, the mass media accomplices continue to push fraudulent claims of efficacy with language like “robust immune responses,” to encourage the evil of imposing this failed experiment on as many kids as possible via mandates.

All major media including WSJ are actively promoting the “strong immune response” lie to aid and abet the criminals that are subjecting children to something even more evil than Fauci’s puppy “experiments.”

None of the arguments made are logical, but they have some in the public embracing utter anti-science nonsense and for the most selfish of reasons.

None of these stories receive national attention, but the locally reported stories certainly deserve our attention.

Many grandparents are insisting on jabs for their own precious grandchildren as a condition of visitation of the most “fully vaccinated” and even “boosted” seniors that appear to know that their own shots do not provide them protection. And these are now being duped to believe that they can only be kept safe by forcing the same horrible decision on everyone around them.

Although there’s little logic to such demands, the utter selfishness of, for a perceived gain in a few years of elder life, risking a grandchild’s ability to reproduce, or even survive into adulthood as pediatric medicine sees a resultant epidemic in childhood strokes, heart attacks and worse, is hard for those who have retained their souls to even fathom.

Pediatrics Departments Prepare for Childhood Strokes

Meanwhile the same bureaucracy takes a stance that would make Stalin proud on individuals who already had and recovered from COVID with full immunity, in that they are still absolutely required to get the jabs followed by however many “boosters” to see “privileges” previously taken for granted as freedom and basic human rights restored.

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Whereas as some might be puzzled by the extremely forceful push on vaccination that appears to defy all reasoning, emboldened bureaucrats make what’s really going on quite clear with extremely candid and disturbing statements about intentional spread of the virus as a matter of public policy to incentivize “vaccination.”

Vile Aussie witch threatens that they’re importing COVID and that “everyone will be exposed” to bring weight to her “everybody better get vaccinated” demands.

Meanwhile, the global cabal has their agents in the Democrat Party literally proposing a $450,000 handout to illegals as “reparations” for any inconvenience they might have suffered to defy American immigration law in the United States.

And the Globalist Communists that drive this policy from behind a curtain, are sometimes rather candid about their preference of an America dominated by ignorant third worlders as is one of the goals of their intensified application of their “Replacement Migration” scheme under Biden.

It would be hard to reconcile all of the leftist agenda as anything but utter insanity when ruling out an underlying evil. Once you realize that that’s exactly what humanity is facing, it all makes perfect sense. And now we need to find a way to stand up and reject all of it, for ourselves, and especially to protect our children.

It’s NOT a vaccine at all.

This does not imply that the “vaccine” can be properly claimed to “contains HIV,” nor that it “gives HIV,” but many doctors believe that the so-called “vaccine” is designed to destroy immune systems (much like HIV.)

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