New “Globalist Pricks” Single Being Censored by Globalist Pricks

November 1, 2021
Updated October 5, 2022

With decided defiant lyrics that begin “You ain’t getting in my arm… you ain’t getting up my ass,” Eric Hanson takes a clear stand against mandates on the most dangerous shots to ever be fraudulently branded as “vaccine.”

Official Music Video as released November 16.

The single is also available on all major streaming platforms including Amazon Music and Spotify, however…

An early attempt at paid promotion was obstructed by what, at first, appeared to be “offensive” artwork.

But after replacing the “offensive” art with a more generic image from a prior album color it soon became clear that there were some other problems, and even the “text” of the ad was tagged as “problematic.”

It seems “Discover New Indie” or “Listen to Eric Hanson now” violate some “Creative Guidelines.” The only other alternative explanation might be a problem with the song title itself.

But either way ReverbNation has committed to feature this on their own page starting November 16 for the high achievement in a “Crowd Review” which earned a score of 7.9.

The artist is uncertain how these “ups and downs” will ultimately effect the marketing of this new hit-to-be, but we can all be sure there will, as we look at what YouTube and other nefarious players have done to censor Bryson Gray for his “Let’s Go Brandon” song, be some hurdles.


The artist just received this letter from ReverbNation.

ReverbNation reply

It’s wildly ironic that an as yet unpaid artist is branded as “exploiting” the Globalist Pricks for some nefarious “commercial interests.” Apparently it’s now a crime to attempt to achieve success in music and speaking to power is an “oppression” against the Rockefellers, Rothschilds, corporatists, and oligarchs.

It seems ReverbNation is yet another tentacle of the larger network of social media monopolies making themselves busy with thought policing and the suppression of “problematic” messages. Apparently they are either selling out on the core rock values, or they seriously believe rock and roll, rap and punk are not supposed to express any counter-culture opinions by those who struggle under the rule of the aforementioned pricks.

We’ve yet to learn whether the promised promotion on ReverbNation’s own page for the week starting on November 16 is to be betrayed, or whether the “guidelines” on the paid promotion through distribution-side partners are driving this warfare of suppression against their own subscriber artists more than their own internal anti-freedom initiatives.

Bookmark and check back for updates to this unfolding saga. And meanwhile, any who stand on the side of freedom, please ask as many friends to add “Globalist Pricks” to playlists and otherwise share generously to restore some of the potential being robbed by corporate pricks.


Promise kept, but with an odd choice of artist images rather than use of related cover art or artist brand image used in prior promotions.

To ReverbNation’s credit, they featured the “Globalist Pricks” song on their “Crowd Picks” page, but chose an odd unrelated picture in favor of the cover art or even the artists general image used in prior promotions. Meanwhile, the CIA-run Google refuses to promote the music video for an alleged “violation” of their terms concerning “sensitive events.”

So there’s an obvious uphill battle since the tools typically available to artists are all being systematically removed.

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The artist incorporates a live performance of Globalist Pricks into his first on-stage appearance as an “upstanding gentleman.”

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