Looking Past the WEF, DeepState and Democrat Lies on the Russia Ukraine Matter

February 27, 2022
Updated March 5, 2023

There are likely to be some details that have yet to surface on the apparent actions by Putin’s Russia against, what, is at best, as a State Department “Client State” of Ukraine.

While actors and actresses, corporate media talking heads and the most corrupt of politicians and bureaucrats all dance in a unified conga line of “Russia bad” rhetoric, a faction of red blooded American Trump supporters see the unfolding drama as “still bad” aggression that merely exploits the weak and feckless NWO puppet “President” to “take advantage” of America’s handicap.

The Globalist Pricks are so brash, they’ll advertise their true NWO motives on live television!

Any voices that point out concerns such as Ukraine bioweapons labs are omitted completely from corporate control news, while their accomplices in the Social Media Taliban tag and block any links that raise these points as “harmful content.”

Here is the original article Twitter deems harmful (to their accomplices in the Democrat party.) Please click only if you accept the risk of viewing opinions that don’t align to Democrat war monger and neocon talking points.

All should do their own research and add whatever they discover and find interesting in the comments, and the more compelling of these will be added to a subsequent update to this article.

Meanwhile, there’s some basic background on Ukraine to guide independent exploration.

Today’s Ukraine is an abomination born of Obamanation’s wildly corrupt “foreign policy”

For starters, there was no Ukraine in its current form until the Obama State Department stirred up a revolution to overthrow the Democratically elected government that was in place leading up to 2014. And, then Vice President Biden was quick to skim at least the $50k per month we all know about via his crack addicted son Hunter, who apparently became an “pipeline and energy” expert based on his personal experience with another form of pipe.

It should also interest some to know that the “President” of the WEF playground and Deep State Puppet State began as another sort of actor that literally played the “Ukraine President” on a popular television show before he assumed the larger role of acting.

Whereas we know that all the agencies that are unified against Putin have a long history of spinning wild lies to start wars both on and off American soil, we are left to do some guessing about their motives for “risking” (assuming they aren’t specifically interested in) a World War 3 with Russia, but it’s been made rather obvious that Putin appears to be a big problem for the “Great Reset” agenda run by the criminal WEF (World Economic Form) and their accomplices in our own Deep State run government.

If there was ever a more compelling reason to stay out, or to back Russia…

What we cannot know with certainty is whether Putin is “in on” a larger scheme, or whether he’s simply fighting against the global cabal that’s made today’s Ukraine their NWO playground that appears to have weaponized Ukraine against Russia (and the world.) It also appears that Putin’s missions within their borders poses some real threats to the privacy of financial dealings and more nefarious business with their criminal accomplices in the Democrat Party.

What we do know is that the edict to block 18-60 year old men from fleeing from Ukraine is a policy directed by the tyrants controlled by the WEF. We also know that the other accomplices of the UN Goons aren’t all that eager to receive any Ukranian citizens as refugees.

Whatever wild ride we’re all in for it will undoubtedly be accompanied by much in the way of propaganda and wild lies from the CIA and their accomplices that appears to be running the big show with their Obama to perform great evil under the guise of Biden’s incompetence.

Just imagine if a Trump call of this kind were captured.

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Resident of Ukraine shares his own perspective:

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Interesting comment from a related thread:

This one expresses an optimism that many might appreciate. Certainly worthy of filing in the “would be nice” folder.

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