Book Review: WWT The Deep Dark DEAD State

March 28, 2019
Update May 22, 2022
ODP Staff

Stephen King loves to lift his own scary genre from the pages by his unabashed support of real world horror delivered by Democrat policy. But a new author, Nick Sky, delivers a zombie apocalypse to readers on 45’s terms!

Mr. Sky’s grotesque imagination is paired with wicked humor to deliver a gripping tale that will delight zombie enthusiasts, and they may even find themselves tempted to read a particular chapter to their children as a bed time story.

The author, Nick Sky was interviewed recently on Date with Destinee.

Still it should come with a warning. This particular apocalypse might just scare a full pant load out of any suffering the sad effects Trump Derangement Syndrome. If any of those types can read past the first couple paragaphs, they’ll definitely be rooting for the zombies!

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For the trifecta of beautifully gross imagery, a trigger potential for the liberals that should not buy nor borrow this book, and other laughs, WWT: The Deep Dark DEAD State earns our highest rating for zombie fiction, 5 tombstones.

©2019 Occupy Democrats Parody

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