The Commie Brain: How the Brainwashed Scapegoat Any and All of the Crises They Create by Blaming “Capitalism.”

May 20, 2022

The very word “capitalism” carries a rather broad meaning, and can describe anything from the natural human condition where free men and women make trades and potentially leverage the fruit of their own labor, along with any process or assets that help them build a life that’s more efficient and livable. Put in simple terms, a man who assembles a carriage, or who trades for such an asset with other labors, is then equipped to trade a service of mobility for other services or goods, including those which might, in turn prove helpful in making more efficient offers to neighbors that will in turn yield more appealing trades. It’s also ultimately possible to then trade the carriage itself for some other asset that might either enable offer of other services, or to help fund a retirement to allow more time to enjoy spend with grandchildren.

Whereas, in common use “Capitalism” implies free trades and thus freedom, the same word, “Capitalism,” can also describe the big pot of tyranny of “State Capitalism” or “Soviet Capitalism” that that invariably is delivered at the end of each and every Communist revolution rainbow.

The point of distinction between a Free Market, often described simply as “capitalism,” and the centrally controlled “State Capitalism, ” economy enabled by Marxists is lost on most, and so “Capitalist” and “Capitalism” are treated as an word to simply imply “not Socialist” or “not Communist.”

The, often intentional, failure in distinguishing “Free Market” or simply “capitalism” with the evil of “State Capitalism” proves useful to the Communist who sees an opportunity to scapegoat the destructive aspects of the latter, by blaming what is otherwise nearly synonymous with “Freedom.”

This 1934 cartoon shows that “blame the capitalists” for Communism is both a very old game, and one that’s been adequately overt to be recognized by the larger population.

In the death spiral of any democratic society that’s been toppled by whatever combination of vote fraud and menticide (killing of the mind,) the best indoctrinated of Commies will be all too eager to place blame of they very destruction they helped arrange, on “capitalism.” However clever their self indulgent and malicious game of gaslighting, it’s certainly not reflective of any fresh and new revelations of the Marxist brain.

Still, since the core values of the Marxist are spite and hate, it’s all too appealing to the Marxist mind to arrange an enhanced and more targeted punishment for any who dare call out the obvious failings of their supposed “alternative” to “Capitalism.”

Shining a light on the clear cause-and-effect relationship between the Marxist’s war on the bourgeois and the universal suffering it creates is deemed a threat to the cause by by their upper ranks, and also gnaws at the cognitive dissonance of the larger hordes of what the top party men accurately brand as “useful idiots.”

Enough voices of reason making statements of the obvious and inevitable failings of the Marxist’s “utopia,” amount to a threat. Those who dare speak out against the methods by which an infestation of Communists they can’t silence with intimidation or censorship, will be marched straight into the chambers of gaslighting.

So while the Communists wring the last gasps of breath from the proverbial golden goose responsible an affluence that offers the luxury of free time to scheme and plot a revolution, no opportunity to bewilder their most immediate victims with what amount to childish “you did it” arguments will be missed.

The very Free Market “capitalism” that provide’s the very excesses that provide Communist their unearned meals, electricity, and computers will, therefore, be unironically blamed for the horrible shocks to the system being strangled by whatever scheme of State Capitalism being wrought by whatever combination of incremental policy shifts by bureaucrat accomplices (“top down,) and conspiracy of criminal revolutionary acts (“bottom up,”) run by their comrades on the street to ultimately achieve the “inside out” ends, that unbeknownst to the larger hoards of comrades, will be ultimately be their own undoing.

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