New Music: “Floating” Song Puts the “Zen” in Armageddon

July 14, 2022
Updated September 8, 2022

The creator of “Globalist Pricks” has recently put the “Zen” in Armageddon with a new “Floating” song that will be released as a streaming only single on Friday July 29. This unique blend of “chill” of jazzy, Herb Albert like horns and lullaby vocals against a gentle rolling pulse of swirling, almost hypnotic undertones accompanies another form of “chilling” lyrics that paint “end of times” images. The “zen” attitudes give way to a moment of a more energized mid section to briefly awaken the audience to the horrors from which the speaker has, at least metaphorically left to the ground below while “floating” well above all the “noise,” now well below a plane of personal nirvana.

The artist, Eric Hanson had begun his craft of writing and performing originals for personal enjoyment in the late 70’s, but has recently debuted to the public stage with the release of a compilation titled “Socially Distant.” He has since released a couple singles, “What Child is This,” and “Globlalist Pricks” with accompanying music videos, and has performed both of these on stage at various venues including Tommy T’s in Pleasanton, California.

Eric Hanson first debuts “Globalist Pricks” to a live audience at the legendary Tommy T’s in Pleasanton California

He draws some inspiration from artists like, Alan Parsons Project, Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Supertramp, and his vocals and style have been compared to Brian Ferry, David Bowie, and piano arrangements remind others of Elton John.

Eric Hanson also attributes some of his early influence to his own father, Gordon Hanson, who won many awards for his 20 years of classical training that continued through his college education at University of Syracuse on a full ride merit scholarship. His father also more than doubled his Air Force pay, while stationed at Insurlik Airbase in Turkey (where the Gary Powers U2 flights were launched,) by performing both church organ (at base chapel,) and at the officers club with a four piece band named “The Sultans.”

The “Good Old Days” episode of Date with Destinee includes some of Gordon Hanson’s stories about the Air Force band, and also includes actual 1959 of his band’s performance of “Moon Glow” and “Theme from Picnic.”

In addition to work towards development of career in music, Eric Hanson also dabbles in comedic arts with an “Upstanding Gentleman” performance and hosts a podcast, “Date with Destinee,” where all topics, ranging from art, music, personal development and politics are addressed with a cohost, Destinee Roy, also an emerging musical artist and a congressional candidate with designs on running against Eric Swalwell in 2024. He also assists in promotion of Northern California bands including the band McFunky.

“New World” was featured on “Citizens Free Press” with “Tom MacDonald”

Eric Hanson will soon be traveling in Central Europe where he may start some shooting for a coming music video for the new “Floating” song, and other new music is presently being developed to include in a coming “Zen of Armageddon” album release.

Eric Hanson walking about in Budapest August 2022

You can be among the first to hear and download the official “Floating” release by following “Eric Hanson” on Spotify.


Dalle-E AI was given a challenge to come up with images representing “Zen of Armageddon” and delivered these gems:

Next Dall-E AI was asked to create artwork for a “Zen of Armageddon” album cover. The following results will likely decorate a coming album bearing the title (and that will include “Floating” and other new material.)

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