German Court: Death by Covid Vaccination is Legally Considered as Death by Suicide

Well that “suicide” has a lot of “assisted” to it in the form of censorship (to obstruct access to COVID “vaccination” facts, and heaping gobs of coercion inclusive of peer pressure.

The Most Revolutionary Act

Sacha Dobler

Abrupt Earth Changes

Kla.TV 22.07.2022

In Germany, accident insurance companies refuse to pay for consequential damages caused by the Corona “vaccination”. Similarly in France, the family of a grandfather who demonstrably died from the Covid vaccination sued the life insurance company after it refused to pay out. The reason given was that the policy expressly excluded the payment of claims in the event of death from the Covid vaccine! In court, the insurance company was proven right.

The court’s ruling was then reasoned as follows: Taking a fatal risk is legally considered as suicide, since the harmlessness of the vaccination has not yet been proven. The vaccination of the grandfather thus corresponded with a voluntary participation in an experiment of the Covid vaccination at his own risk. The side effects, in this case death, he had accepted approvingly and thus it was self-inflicted. If, according to the court…

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