How the Poorly Educated Left Denounce Trump’s Inclusivity

September 5, 2022

Some might wonder how many years into the world burning under Biden until the TDS infected left might redirect some of their attention from “very bad orange man” to the present administration.

And to the date of this article, the unhinged left continue to manipulate the very positive and inclusive language used by President Trump that affirmed his respect for all American citizens and acknowledged his role as President to represent all of their individual pursuits of happiness.

In a speech where he provided a long list of all kinds of Americans he loves, he included “poorly educated,” and of course the lying Marxist left have been taking that as a stand-alone statement, while the fascistic “fact checkers” have yet to tag it for “missing context.”

And based on the facts, the sad combination of uneducated Left and the smut elite that are educated beyond their intelligence, should actually be the most grateful for Trump’s statement of inclusion.

Meanwhile the hateful “us vs them” ideology they’ve unleashed with their “blue votes,” has delivered a “leader” that scapegoats in such a manner that might make Mousselinni or old Adolf blush.

Of course the left’s idea of “well educated,” leaves so much to be desired.

And the Marxist Professors have converted a once proud tradition of “higher learning” for the few into a mass psychosis for the many, while passing the bill to those who paid their own way or built a life outside of their system of indoctrination.

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