Always Remember… Never Forget

September 11, 2022

Due to an intense campaign of misinformation and false narratives by government, foreign accomplices, their agencies and complicit media, the horrible events of what’s now simply known as “911” are “remembered” very differently by different segments of the world and America’s own population.

One of the most reliable and accurate sources of facts concerning what went down that horrible day under the brand “Corbett Report,” has been, along with countless hours of detailed content, removed less warning nor explanation. Additionally countless other accounts have been similarly purged by CIA’s Google that now heavily manipulates all content on YouTube with filtering, censorship and removals of any content deemed inconvenient to the wild lies they are committed to protect.

This the best version of Bill Cooper’s “9/11 NWO prediction” about a coming attack that would be blamed on Osama bin Laden. The Illuminati killed him 2 months later on November 5th. Just like they killed the Director of “Gray State” who was making a movie about the Illuminati police state.

For those who don’t mind making their own judgments in reconciling the obvious lies and those who remain alive and well enough to put up their own challenges, we now offer a Wimkin page that, for now provides a an opportunity to peruse and even add your own posts on the topic of 911 truth. It’s also a place you can refer friends, family, and anyone else whom you might want to get started on their own journey of discovery.

Comments and links are also encouraged in the comments below. As from the first post on “” in 1995, should also be treated as a place where we can all teach what we believe we know, and more ideally to learn what we’ve yet to discover.

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The above channel is the source of the embedded Bill Cooper prediction podcast included in this article

The cover art is from the Epstein Collection. The Pedo Elite are clearly familiar with their own plans and often boast about it in art.

If this doesn’t make you curious, you’re probably much too emotionally invested in a lie.

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