LinkedIn Runs their Career Development Platform with More Anti-Conservative Bullying and Censorship than Twitter

September 9, 2022

After months of interruption of access to professional contacts and a career history dating back to 1980 that’s been on LinkedIn since 2007, the account was restored based on a promise to not “violate” a policy against “inaccurate” or “misleading.”

Thinking of LinkedIn as more of a career development resource, the priority was to get back “in business” so to speak. I found the highly charged political bullying by the left to only have grown stronger, with routine posts from inane lying leftist propaganda pages like Washington Post, accompanied with hateful spew by a countless accounts that appeared to be on strictly for bullying conservatives.

At first invitations were offered to take the conversation to any other platform separate from the essential business development resources were made, but none of the hostile and angry leftists would consider any such pleas.

Ultimately every opening of the account pushed leftist opinions and defamatory remarks against Trump and his supporters by the steaming piles. Being unable to resist, answers were offered. And on day two of being “back in business,” there’s already been a post removed and declared “a violation.”

This one they didn’t claim to be “misleading” nor “inaccurate,” as was the basis of the prior account suspension, but nonetheless, anything that runs opposite of the countless pages of wildly false and misleading Trump accusations runs afoul of their foul “moderators” which have proven themselves to be just as “Marxist as f-ck” as the Twitter staffers described themselves to a Project Veritas journalist.

And so the undisputed facts and a meme showing how Biden was “propped up” by the lying media is just “taking things too far.” How would one even guess at how to answer to the Niagra Falls of hateful spew against Trump and 75 million Americans without risking more of this level of harassment? The answer is rather clear. To utilize the career tools, one simply needs to allow the majority of content to be an echo chamber of hateful, divisive and dishonest rhetoric of the evil cult of Democrats.

They obviously don’t believe in the “Democracy” they whine about day and night when they can’t even get behind the prerequisite “Democracy of ideas.”

Additional effort will be now made to “stand down,” but it’s really beyond disgusting how LinkedIn have made themselves more of a sewer than Twitter.

Meanwhile some examples of the hateful screed that goes unchecked, unchallenged and unmoderated can be found on a new page and answers might be provided that clearly cannot be risked directly in their hateful screed feeds.

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