Manipulation of Language by Fascists

October 12, 2018
Updated February 15, 2023
ODP Staff

Not even the dictionary is safe from the Liars of the Left.  No longer satisfied to simply lie by omission in obscuring the history of Fascism and the leftist socialist behind the philosophy, proponents of Fascism and masters of one of their key techniques, “projection” have managed to insert two little words in the definition of Fascism in every dictionary published in or after 2009.

Yes They changed the definition of Fascism

Whereas most everyone has learned of the originators of Communism, Karl Marx, and some even know about the man connected to the philosophy of (Free Market) Capitalism, precious few college grads have ever even heard of the notorious name who hatched Fascism.

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And that’s very convenient for the actual Fascists that are passionate about screaming “Fascist!” at every American that’s as much as a centimeter to the “right” of Nancy Pelosi.

Is Fascism Right or Left by PragerU

The REAL Political Spectrum includes the narrow spectrum of the leftist mind. Interesting the left believe there are 31 or more genders, but they believe in a binary notion that everyone that’s not a Communist must be a Fascist.

Of course lies told often enough become “truth” per the very methods embraced by yesterday and today’s own Fascists.  And however much they are set right with the facts about “what is Fascism” and where it sits on the Political Spectrum, they’ll no sooner give up the power of that lying as they might suspend their wildly absurd practice of calling Kanye, Candace Owens and others “white supremacists.”

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More recently Merriam-Webster acted with amazing efficiency to do their part in the efforts to defame a nominee to the Supreme Court for her use of the exact same language routinely used by the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg she’s presumed best qualified to replace.

To prop up lazy and crazy Mazie Hirono’s absurd smear over the Supreme Court Justice nominee’s use of the phrase “sexual preference,” the long established dictionary maker raced to redefine that language as “offensive” which, ironically also paints the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg as “an offensive” SCOTUS for her own routine use of the same language.

The programming has certainly taken hold, and roughly 20% of the time spent by twits on twitter is on the repeated shouting that “Fascists” are “Right Wing!”

One would think this would shut this one up for a little while, but the betting odds are against it.

When dealing with someone that’s too programmed to sort out the difference between their “left” and their “right,” it’s often helpful to mix things up by presenting them with this children’s version of the political spectrum that flows in a “top down” orientation.

This takes away all the confusion about left vs. right, and removes the brainwashed leftist’s favorite game of assigning their own Fascism to the Libertarian side of the real political spectrum.

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The indoctrination in Commie School is complete.
A brilliant presentation on the left’s manipulation of language to replace substance of arguments with word games.
The only dictionary worth consulting today is one that was published prior to 2008 and unmodified.
The original dictionary definition before the fascist liars added “right wing” and then treated that as the ONLY definition.

Meanwhile the left happily adopt campaign slogans from the root etymological meaning of Fascism.

And they embrace a whole lot more than the language of Fascism.

And now they’re doing what they’d describe as election meddling if any actual criminals were pursued in the lead-up to a coming election while the left celebrate and gloat accompanied with chants for “arrest them all!”

Biden’s Global Communist speech writers borrow much in methods and attitudes from their National Socialist forebearers.

The Left’s Uncle Marx recommends the projecting…

and their Uncle Goebbels agrees.