California Proposition Name Game: “Prop 13” on Ballot Poised to Destroy the 1978 Jarvis-Gann Initiative

February 25, 2020
Updated February 27, 2020
League of Men Voters

Unelected California bureaucrats are now manipulating names of propositions to deceive voters into rejecting the good and embracing the bad. Recently a proposition devised to roll back the insidious and incremental gas taxes was renamed from the straight forward “Gas Tax Repeal,” to “Eliminates Certain Road Repair and Transportation Funding,” to bewilder voters that would obviously have voted for for the repeal!

Partisan unelected bureaucrats were pressed to undo their name change game but the damage was already done and the Gas Tax Repeal failed.
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Voter Integrity vs. Voter Suppression

December 7, 2016
Updated September 2, 2021

ODP Staff

While vote fraud as Democrat strategy has become common knowledge to all but the most committed to personal ignorance, the usual suspects deflect incessantly about “voter suppression.” Their primary argument of “suppression” concerns Voter ID laws designed to protect vote integrity.

They’ll even cite examples of real conversation by conservatives that verify there might indeed be certain categories of voters they’d rather not see show up.  And so establishing a “motive” becomes a sort of “proof of a crime” to the Democrat doctrinaires.


Additionally they’ll squeal about “minority rights” whenever the voter registration roles are cleaned as required as direct result of the Vote ID laws they themselves have smashed in whatever key battleground States where insufficiency of fraud proves harmful to Democrat candidates.

The basis of Vote ID “suppression” arguments are that “not all eligible voters” have qualifying ID’s.  And rather than advocating for an easier time obtaining ID’s they simply conspire with the nearest available Federal Judge to eliminate the ID requirements.

Of course it’s all an act.

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