California Proposition Name Game: “Prop 13” on Ballot Poised to Destroy the 1978 Jarvis-Gann Initiative

February 25, 2020
Updated February 27, 2020
League of Men Voters

Unelected California bureaucrats are now manipulating names of propositions to deceive voters into rejecting the good and embracing the bad. Recently a proposition devised to roll back the insidious and incremental gas taxes was renamed from the straight forward “Gas Tax Repeal,” to “Eliminates Certain Road Repair and Transportation Funding,” to bewilder voters that would obviously have voted for for the repeal!

Partisan unelected bureaucrats were pressed to undo their name change game but the damage was already done and the Gas Tax Repeal failed.

So glaring was this abuse that a corrected ballot was mailed to voters, but the damage was already done, and the measure expected to receive broad support went down like a gasoline soaked bird struck by a wind whipped PG&E power line.

And now the deceivers expand on this success by telling a new lie with a number! Somehow a new initiative designed to destroy Proposition 13 protections that passed with 62.6 percent support in 1978 has been quietly added to California’s ballot as “Proposition 13!”

Virtually no time has been given for any public awareness campaign, so now countless voters that associate “Proposition 13” with the original Jarvis-Gann initiative would unwittingly vote for the 2020 version established to destroy home ownership in the once “Golden State.”

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Of course we know the horrible effects of this major tax grab are secondary to the States needs to squander money on programs inclusive of health care for illegals, so pay no mind the the massive increases in rent, and homelessness as they bankrupt young and old with destruction of the original Prop 13 they’d been scheming for more than four decades.

And of course basement dwellers kicked from the homes surrendered by mom or dad will be only be all the more energized when they take to the streets to demand yet more Communism as remedy.


Just spoke with several conservative California residents that were somehow caught by complete surprise. Many considered the coming Super Tuesday (now moved up to March 3 from June) unworthy of their attention since it’s widely thought of as a Primary Election where the “Bernie Bros” will be out in force to push the naked Communist to the top and over the other Marxists that aren’t quite so open about their Communism.

Ads are only now appearing on every major television station featuring Gavin Newsome promoting this new fake “Prop 13” as some sort of “Education initiative.” And there’s been insufficient time nor public awareness for the sensible among us to organize any sort of defense. And previously California’s “Super Tuesday” didn’t happen until June so that creates further confusion.

So we’re now up against a sneaky yet well organized attack on California that will convert home owners to renters, and renters to homeless with application of all of the following tactics:

  • Ballot Harvesting
  • Illegal Votes
  • Recent Election Date Change (from June to March 3rd)
  • A “Super Tuesday” Guaranteed to Draw Hoards of “Bernie Bros”
  • Deceptive TV Ads about “mold in classrooms” with zero reference to Jarvis-Gann nor property taxes that will be nearly doubled.

The stakes are high and the game is rigged. So shall we give up? Not a chance! We absolutely need to notify everyone we know that owns a home or that lives in one owned by their parents and ensure that they all bring 5-10 friends to vote NO on the ironically named “Education” initiative Proposition 13.


But wait, there’s more! To make things even more awful, the bill poised to destroy California includes special Agenda 21 provisions to offset any temporary gains in “Education” spending by giving developers a pass on “school impact fees” when they otherwise damage formerly nice neighborhoods with high density rail dwellings.

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