December 15, 2016
Updated May 27, 2018

Occupy Democrats Parody

The global cabal are in a desperate life and death struggle in what can only be counted a live or die fight.  The vile dynasty of criminal elites simply cannot survive having a man who owns his own suit in the White House.  They have now escalated from their usual lies and rhetoric to the most wild absurdity concerning a ridiculous Russian conspiracy.

illegalsvote channel 5
encouraged it, made it easy and coddled resident so thoroughly, that 13% ADMIT !

Many Americans might write off what presents as a tantrumatic meltdown typical to Hillary and her accomplices that might be owed only to their wonderful “temperament.” Still Democrats aren’t quite done with their version of #ACCEPTINGRESUTS and there are clear signals that they are preparing to deploy the most nefarious of tactics to nullify a lost election.

Even after the #FAKENEWS narrative about #RUSSIANHACKING has been completely and utterly destroyed, their stooges and talking heads continue desperate plots to threaten our Democracy with a campaign of threats combined with lies to press Electoral College to betray their responsibility to cast votes in accordance with counts and recounts that were received by Trump.

#ELECTORALCOUP is now the next stop on the Democrat trail of #ACCEPTINGRESULTS.


Failed sports commentator now conducts daily #OLBERMANNRANTS with an ongoing tantrum of the most insidious rhetoric, all while he shamefully desecrates the US Flag on his TWITTER Profile to rally support for an outright #ELECTORALCOUP.


Whereas the vast majority of replies to his rants on Twitter indicate he’s not taken seriously by the general public, Nancy Pelosi and her daughter are taking real steps to subvert our Election, most recently by an unprecedented plot of an #ELECTORALCOUP.


While absurd rhetoric that invokes cold war images are spewed incessantly the facts are ignored.

If there were a “foreign country” to be blamed for attempting to “hack our election” it would be Mexico not Russia.  Hoards of Mexican Nationals have illegally participated in activism and protests on US Soil to “influence our election” and at least 3 million of them cast votes for Hillary per the strong evidence presented by www.TrueTheVote.org, They have become so emboldened by encouragement from President Obama and ease of access and coddling by California’s Governor Brown, 13% of invading #MexicanNationals admit #ILLEGALSVOTE!

Governor Brown of California provides Mexican National invaders rights to driving license and with Motor Voter still easier to register to vote illegally.  Whereas technically States can opt to allow it, it is NOT lawful to vote in National Elections.  Yet there is NO mechanism to ensure that they only vote on local candidates.


In addition the “foreign influence” of Soros has gone on with complete impunity for decades through massive scheming, funding and subversion done with the full support of highly energized #RITALIN, #FLUORIDE and #LEAD poisoned disciples #MOVEONCULT.


The real story is that, in spite of unending #MEDIAJIHAD,  #ILLEGALVOTES and #DEMVOTEFRAUD, #TRUMPSTILLWON.  But the Democrats only ever make rules that apply to the rest of us.  They have no conscience, no integrity, no morals, no principles.  Were it not for Double Standards they’d have no standards at all.

They can’t be bargained with, they can’t be reasoned with… You know the rest:

It is certainly well past time for the entitled #SNOWFLAKES of #MOVEONCULT to take their own #ACCEPTINGRESULTS lecture from before Trump’s massive victory to heart.  Of course they will not, so until Trump is moved and unpacked into the White House, the fight is by no means over.


And even then, he’ll face the next step in the #DEMOCRATPLAYBOOK.  Hillary’s #IMPEACHMENTPLOT along with even more sinister threats.  There’s already been one #ASSASSINATIONATTEMPT, and obviously Hillary and her handlers sure won’t mind adding another to the #CLINTONBODYCOUNT.

A detailed analysis presents here for those who might still have doubts.

FAIR on Non Citizens and Voting

©2016 Occupy Democrats Parody

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