Democrat Playbook and Their Latest #RUSSIANHACKING Narrative

December 11, 2016
Occupy Democrats Parody
(Updated December 12, 2016)

Before Hillary’s massive defeat that bewildered all of her accomplices in the media, the same shills lectured Trump and Americans on the supreme importance of accepting results.  Just moments after the final debate these masters of spin deflected from a clear Trump win with a childish expression of absolute outrage over Trump’s reluctance to immediately take their bait.

The airwaves were dominated with utter disbelief of Trump’s “threat to our Democracy” and he was even branded “a traitor” for what they counted as an absolute “refusal to accept” the “will of voters” in the coming Election.

Clearly the Democrats were concerned that the “done deal” Electoral win for Hillary against a meaningless #POPULARVOTE win for Trump (both predicted by their #MOVEONCULT Elder Soros) might have been questioned.  Their intent of #RIGGING had just recently been exposed by Veritas, so public awareness of their commitment to continue a long tradition of #DEMVOTEFRAUD might lead to some scrutiny or possibly an investigation that even Obama’s DOJ and FBI might find hard to obstruct.

Democrat Election fraud, after all was a key ingredient in the surprising outcome securing Obama’s 2nd term and the more recent example that took Bernie Sanders out in the primaries was still freshly remembered by Republicans and Democrats alike.

And now, after Trump’s win Democrats immediately switch gears.



First the “accept results” crowd all revert to the old #NOTMYPRESIDENT antics that they embraced throughout the Bush Jr. Presidency.


But this time the extreme rhetoric deployed by the #NEVERTRUMP crowd fueled #VIOLENTDEMS to continue with childish antics with the expectation that violence against other citizens would continue to be coddled and encouraged as it had been for both terms of Obama’s Presidency.

And of course, the Elder Soros was discovered as actively involved in housing and funding of the domestic terror groups that routinely merit White House visits.  And the corresponding #SOROSRIOT hashtag was born.



No tantrum is complete without some “righteous indignation” and so all the usual suspects campaigned incessantly with an indictment against the Electoral College to exploit the sheer ignorance concerning the very noble system we were supposed to “accept” just a few days prior to the election.  So now all that matters is #POPULARVOTE heralded as won by Hillary.

election-by-countiesOf course the combination of common sense and  strong evidence by TrueTheVote is to be ignored pending absolute “proof” that can only come after the 3 letter agencies are restored to their original purpose.  So the estimated 3 million #ILLEGALVOTES is summarily ignored in spite of 13% of illegals admitting the participation that was, 1. Made easy by Governor Brown, 2. Encouraged by Obama and 3. ruled a matter of “States Rights” by the corrupted Supreme Court.


Enter the 1%er Dr. Jill Stein.  She takes some time out of her busy Harvest Day weekend to launch a “grass roots” campaign for Election “integrity” by cherry picking 3 of States won by Trump based on a fraudulent claim of electronic vote machines that, per “a computer expert,” “could have been hacked.”
No explanation is offered why her chosen States include one that has no electronic vote machines and is run strictly by paper ballots and scanners.

Her feigned “voter integrity” concerns are tarnished when Hillary betrays her own concession with a statement of support for the recount efforts.

Ultimately #LYINSTEIN has unwittingly done some good.  On the States that participated in her demands, Trump’s lead was expanded.  Not all States recognized her credentials to challenge as a recipient of 1% of the States votes, but they did apparently take her feigned concern for “integrity” more to heart than the doctor.  They proved that some good can come from the most dubious intentions when they passed their own State Vote ID law.



And then in the wake of countless revelations of a complicit media running nothing more than a 24/7 campaign for Hillary and democrats, the elites and their communication ministers announce a war on #FAKENEWS.  The greatest liars that had all been exposed for aiding the Hillary campaign and #MEDIAJIHAD against Trump now make it their business to take irony to a whole new level.


And on the latest and most ridiculous installment of the long series of #DEMOCRATCONSPIRACYTHEORIES, and #FAKENEWS… The Democrats and complicit media are now taking absurdity to the next level with another narrative that conjures up old Cold War images, puts alleged sources above the facts presented, and offer such delicious irony we’ll have our Thanksgiving dinner conversations scripted for years to come.


This subject could fill volumes, but for now, it can be addressed with just a few quick statements of fact:

  1. The #TRUTHBOMBS from Hillary’s own Public Website (“private server”) were not from Russia,
  2. Even if they were, TRUTH absolutely should “influence elections,”
  3. Saudi Arabia and the Elder #SOROS of #MOVEONCULT have been “influencing our elections” with lies and massive #DARKMONEY funding for decades and with complete impunity.
  4. Hillary had already “wiped” her server “with a cloth” before Trump in jest “gave Russia the idea” to do their own intelligence gathering.


Here’s the absolute garbage heralded as “evidence” by Congressman Schiff and his accomplices that the “super secret” “investigation” by the very “honest” Dem-infested CIA has “discovered” Russian Hacking:


And here we have Democrat Schiff informing an audience that Tucker Carlson is “carrying water for the Kremlin!”

©2016 Occupy Democrats Parody

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