The Left’s War With Russia

Occupy Democrats Parody
December 18, 2016
Updated August 17, 2019

Some of us are old enough to remember when good Russian citizens coveted an American President.  That was the same Ronald Reagan that outraged the lefties when he dared to call the USSR “an evil empire.”  And now that the Cold War has become a distant memory, the global cabal is desperate for their long planned World War 3 between Capitalist Nationalist Russia and a Communist Infested America.

crooked hillary world war 3 for globalists against russia.jpg

With Reagan’s help, the Russian people were benefactors of a collapsed Soviet Empire, and now enjoy a flat 14% income tax and more Freedom than America had known since before Airport Martial Law and other remnants of old Soviet Style government.

Nobody could have predicted that today we’d be ramping up to a new conflict between Russian Capitalism and USSA Communism.

After suffering the rule of the most insidious Marxists for nearly 8 years, much of the American public would gladly trade ours for the strong nationalist anti-ISIS commander now known for no nonsense nation-first attitudes of Putin.  A man that’s protected modern Russia from the globalist cabal and their vile #MERKELPLAN to trash Western Civilization for the purpose of creating their long planned One World “Utopia.”

Childish liberals have long pushed the absurd notion that the political parties had “switched sides.”  That the Republicans that elected Lincoln without winning a meaningless “popular vote” had become known in the aftermath of a horrible Civil War as the party that “freed the slaves.” As Americans worked to recover from that mess, the NRA that’s now smeared as “racist” offered “blacks” the equipment they needed to defend themselves from the KKK Democrats that continued to press for “separate” but “equal” well into the 60’s.


And now how far we have come.   Longer explanation of the inane “switched sides” narrative will follow in a separate writing, but I brought it up only to prepare you for a much more plausible tale of “switching sides.”

Today even mention of the words “Marxist” and “Marxism” will have liberals doing their famous eye-rolls and head shaking.  The whole idea of Marxism has become relegated to an infiltration “conspiracy theory” that was “debunked” with the take-down and ridicule of McCarthy.  Whether it’s the original concept of a Bourgeoisie oppressing a larger Proletariat, or the new and fresh 2.0 version of Marxism conjured up by Marcuse, any that dare enter “Marxism” into a debate will be quickly dismissed as disconnected from reality.

Cultural Marxism expands upon the oppression and oppressor notions of the original Karl Marx ramblings to expand their audience to any member of society that might declare some “righteous” grievance against not just the affluent, but against all the pillars of Western Civilization.

Ideological infiltration is just one of the many tools of those used by the cabal of globalist elite to achieve their ends.  There are many plots that go unnoticed only to the most committed doctrinaires that place their commitment to ideology over any accidental discernments.  And with the help of #FLUSHOTS, #RITALIN, #FLUORIDE, and #LEADLEACH owed in part to #CHLORAMINE, huge sections of the US Population are not exactly running at 100% when it comes to any discernment.

The most important plots of our lifetime are #MERKELPLAN (directed by the Elder Soros of #MOVEONCULT) and #OPERATIONHORNETSNEST.

The latter was first described by the other “villain” #SNOWDEN.  The plot is basically to create emergencies with the expectation of a mass migration “crisis.”  And that all began with the very “honest” #CIA sniping young children to stir up a great revolution to destabilize and topple a very recently stable Syria.

Just 6 years ago Syrians enjoyed a very fine standard of living.  Families would enjoy karaoke together in nice homes in nice cities after the usual daytime activities of driving kids to and from school, enjoying coffee in cafes.

And then the inevitable deployment of that long standing plot was unfolded to deliver unprecedented human suffering to Syrians, to “protect them” from that “bad guy” Assad that nobody ever heard nor cared about.

Soon after there was the “red line” that Obama impotently declared to protect his and Hillary’s State Departments precious #ISIS.  #OPERATIONHORNETSNEST is a separate topic, but for vast swatches of the population, it’s become common knowledge that ISIS is protected by Obama if not running under his direct command.

And the resultant “migrant crisis” was a perfect opportunity in turn for the vile elites to deploy their most nefarious attack on all of Western Civilization.  #PHONYREFUGEES.

All nations around the globe have been strong armed to accept their “share” of “refugees” that are #VETTED by the globalists to ensure that none of those truly persecuted make it to the shores of their Western Nation targets.

Obama announced that we must take Muslims because there cannot be “a religious test.”  Of course the State Department had already proven there is indeed “a religious test” to keep out Christians.

The destructive results are well documented, and this presentation shows the devastating results of Merkel Plan in “her own” Germany.

The effects are obvious and immediate to all but the most useful of idiots.

Whereas Merkel Plan serves as the program to move armies of ISIS and other terror elements into place, the societal unraveling is achieved just by the weight of the hoards of mostly fighting aged males that will soon be disappointed with the accommodations they are provided by European and American welfare pits, and then will deploy a concerted campaign to attack their men directly and with humiliation by an even more enthusiastic campaign of raping their women.

Meanwhile the American Feminists cheer them on, and while talking about “rape culture” from one side of their mouth, will campaign incessantly for the importation of it in their own homeland.


Of course we can be more than certain all the Feminists that are so passionate about warm hugs for “refugees” will ultimately be able to make the same adjustments as have been made by their “enlightened” European counterparts.


Small price to pay to be good disciples of their beloved Elder Soros and #MOVEONCULT.

The indoctrination is so amazing that the very LGBT groups targeted for instant death, are among the most pronounced advocates for phony refugees!

No better indication of deep brain washing than the dual and highly incompatible affections of the left.  “Gay rights” and ISLAM should be an obvious fail to all but the most deeply indoctrinated.

So now we saw a huge Trump win over Hillary in part for her credible threat to carry out whatever of MERKEL 2.0 that the Occupier in the White House couldn’t get done ahead of and even after the election.

There’s much more to say about this, but for now, we’ll get back to Russia.

Putin has defied Merkel Plan.  He’s defied Obama’s part of it.  He’s taken strikes against Obama’s ISIS without permission.

As Americans we are told that Putin is “our enemy” and that #TRUTHBOMBS incorrectly attributed to #RUSSIANHACKING were an “act of war” if not “terrorism.”

Had we not been spared a Hillary win, we’d be seeing our daughters drafted to “fight bigotry” against Russia for all the joy of World War 3, and to the great delight of ISIS.

Apparently this Hillary campaign ad was designed to entice voters that were under the impression that forcing our daughters to die in a fight against “bigotry” and presumably “body shaming” in World War 3 was somehow better than “suffering” locker room talk.

All the usual suspects are running their #MEDIAJIHAD and even pressing for an #ELECTORALCOUP based on the downright silly notion that #TRUTHBOMBS were delivered from Russia.

Let’s assume for a moment that the ridiculous #OLBERMANNRANTS and usual crew of Hollywood Idiots were right with their notion that we are “at war with Russia.”  Ask yourself a few questions.

Assuming we had a chance to “influence an election” in Japan ahead of dropping two A-Bombs on cities of innocent Japanese civilians, should we have considered that?

How is it cool to make secret deals with Iran, and somehow “bad” to have diplomacy with Russia as an ally in a common “people’s interest” in defeating Obama and Hillary’s ISIS?

Good Syrians are appreciative to have a force cleaning up Obama’s ISIS in what’s left of their shattered country.  Which side should we be on really?

It seems that every drop of blood shed of men, women and children is owed to Obama, Hillary’s State Department and their globalist masters.  And since they are supported by the street Democrats that continue to VOTE for these policies, would it be ridiculous to suggest that all Democrats be dispatched to Syria to clean up their mess?

This general shouldn’t be trusted for anything, but obviously he had good intel when he went on this little speaking tour ahead of our actions in Iraq:

(to be continued)

©2016 Occupy Democrats Parody

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