On the Thought “Crime” of Racism

January 24, 2016
Updated June 6, 2018
ODP Staff

Overall “racism” is delivered as the main concern of Marxist ideology… and as an excuse for redistributionism. In reality every single damn race on Earth shares some common DNA and common intelligence. That same intelligence drives individuals to feel more connected to whatever group is closest to their own family tree… and identifiable differences have long, from an anthropological standpoint been a means of recognizing in-group vs. “outside” groups that, since the stone age have served as dividing lines in competition for land and resources.

In enlightened society it is possible for bonds and unions between the larger set of “brothers and sisters”… and Christianity is owed a debt for promoting the notion that “all are welcome at God’s table.”

Prejudice is also a practical tool… we don’t have the luxury of knowing every individual on Earth’s “content of character” and until we have the opportunity, we all pre-judge all the damn time.

When one group makes themselves known for behaviors, stereotypes are developed. Not all are all that harmful nor “hateful”… For example I’d hardly think anyone sensible would take much offense to the old “camera in hand” stereotype of Japanese.

BLM quote-there-is-nothing-more-painful-to-me-at-this-stage-in-my-life-than-to-walk-down-the-street-jesse-jackson-34-51-50

Speaking of Japanese, I found myself horribly embarrassed a number of times by extremely poor representatives of America and “The West” while I was in Japan.

I’d only expect these examples to make an overall impression on Japanese that would, as one would expect, extend to all “gaijin.”

Still in any case, we should be less focused on the “thought crime” of running on some assumptions, and more on being the better representatives of our own respective families, and of the larger group to which we are connected by lineage.

Crimes are measured by actions… NOT words nor thoughts.

People of every creed are very much entitled to their thoughts… however poorly formed, whether they be all about love, hate, or indifference. When they act to harm others, for whatever the damned reason, that’s when they become both criminals, and poor representatives of whatever community might be blamed for raising them to be sucky humans if even “human” at all.

For those that are running the fool’s errand to “end racism…” maybe take some advice from Morgan Freeman.

…and from me. Be, your own damn self… a better representative of whatever race. Whether “white,” “black,” “yellow,” or “purple,” and whether it’s fair or not… we ALL live as one or the other kind of ambassador to our family, extended family, community, and country.

©2016 League of Men Voters and Occupy Democrats Parody

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