The Democrat Religion

December 26, 2016
Updated January 29, 2023
ODP Staff


Democrats are primarily Nihilists!  Nihilism throws out the baby of sound societal values with the bathwater of good religious dogma.

The human brain is designed to collect dogma, so Nihilism becomes the Democrat’s religion.  The Priests of Nihilism are the so-called Ethicists.  These are the reptiles that will preach to their #MOVEONCULT flock that “abortion” may be “ethical” up to two, or maybe even three years after a baby is born.


Democrats rarely call this religion by name, but more often they celebrate a false sense of “intelligence” for having become so “smart” as to “know with certainty” that “God does not exist.”

Vile Democrat chokes on “Under God” during Hillary Campaign Speech

The evangelical “Atheists” act as cross fearing vampires.  Some might speculate that their so deeply insecure in their belief in a “spirit free” Universe that the mere sight of a cross causes them deep personal injury.  Others see them as more conscience tools in a quest to destroy Christianity along with Atheism as part of the globalist cabal’s plans to control with the religion that best serves their own ambition to dominate humanity.


It takes more faith to believe Socialism will ever work than to believe in God.  So in addition to being a mental disorder, it’s more than fair to say that liberalism is a virulent religion.  And whereas Socialism was once dismissed as evil by the heads of major religion, it’s now pitched as a core value of Jesus and all Christianity.

And now even the phony “Pope” of the Catholic Church has added Climate Change as a new core value of Catholicism to go along with his usual heretical positions on the more traditional expressions of Socialism that defy the superior understandings as presented in Pope Leo’s Encyclical.

Of course like any religion, “Climate Change” scientism is all about “believers” and “deniers.”  Those who contradict the so-called “settled science” that’s neither “settled” nor “science”  are branded as “anti-science” heretics.

Full Article here! Note that posting the above SCREEN SHOT resulted in a strike by Zuckerberg’s affiliated propagandists (aka “fact checkers”) as “misleading.” Even these dishonest ideologues couldn’t find it “false” so they tagged it “Mixture.”

And now a “pro-science” false “Pope” provides more “inclusion” to all the Marxists including some that would ordinarily show nothing but vehement disdain for “the Church.” And so we now witness the ultimate spectacle of full fledged #LIBTARDS lining up now to kiss the Papal ring.

The above illustration has been incorporated into a line of Global Warming Warmups that are available at the ODP Store.


The 2.0 of Marxism expands from the original concept of Bourgeoisie and Proletariat to embrace a new plan conceived by Marcuse and other vile Marxists.  Rather than targeting the affluence, they all that are deemed “oppressors” by their status as “whites” who by mere existence “oppress” against “people of color,” or as “men” that naturally “oppress” against women, or as “heterosexuals” oppress against however many letters of the alphabet get added to #LGBTXYZ.

All of those that this religion target for disdain are branded as “sick” for having “phobias” against those they dare question.  If it’s hoards of #MERKELPLAN #PHONYREFUGEES they are “xenophobic.” If it’s to question abuse of children and others by those with men with a profound need to enter a women’s “safe space” in shower or toilet as “transphobic.”  If the absurd notion of so-called “Gay Marriage” is challenged, it’s a clear case of “homophobia!”


Back when the Russians were “the Communists” the KGB conceived of a plan to address the problem that their target audience would not all be prepared to reject worship in favor of the new Big State religion.

And so the KGB introduced the ultimate “if you can’t beat ’em…” have ’em join us solution.  And that is New Liberation Theology.

A formerly legitimate publication Christianity Today demonstrates that they’ve transitioned from a legitimate Christian publication to a propaganda agent for New Liberation Theology as they discard their past affiliation with Bill Graham’s religion to take up a new cause as hard left propagandists.

Just in case the Abortion “Christians” aren’t enough of a spectacle, there are now moves to normalize in-church “Gay Marriages” and even so-called Theology Professors promoting gay and transgendered “Queer Jesus.”

Screen Shot 2018-03-28 at 8.50.28 AM


Among the greatest proofs that the disciples of #MOVEONCULT are deeply brainwashed is the amazing cognitive dissonance that expresses by Democrats and their warm acceptance of Islam.  Of course #CULTURALMARXISM identifies Islam must be accepted to fight their battles against the “horror” and “evil” of legitimate Christian faith.


For the deeply indoctrinated, it’s nearly impossible for them to identify the irony of what I often describe as the dual, and wildly incompatible affections of the left.  Namely “gay rights” and Islam!


A particular variety of “Black” Supremacists have developed such a chip on their shoulder, that they take offense to any representation of Santa Claus or even Jesus that’s not black. They also engage in an intense study of an alternate history where everything including pre-Columbus Americas as being inhabited and rightly owned by other “blacks.” Some also believe that the original Jewish inhabitants of Israel were “black,” and somehow a dominant global supremacy was somehow displaced by “whites” under some nefarious circumstances that, per our own research are not clearly defined.

Meet the Black Hebrew Israelites shown here gracing the streets of San Francisco

These “philosophers” and “historians” also appear to believe that the “black” Egyptians were the ones that held Jews as slaves, and thus making them responsible for that bit of slavery. Yet most also believe that they should now take “white slaves” as “payback” for a story that seems to begin with their own reign as the masters.


Well, the #PIZZAGATE and #SPIRITCOOKING crowd are more than just “Atheists” or “New Liberation Theology Cultists”  And whereas they are not all that distant from Islam, they still deserve some specific discussion.


It should count as interesting that the loudest advocates for “Atheism” also appear to identify as advocates for “the Devil.”

I can’t help but notice the @DevAdvocat.  Apparently “Atheists” don’t believe in “imaginary Gods” but so many DO appear to believe in “the Devil!”

While other “atheists” proclaim the solution for a return of Jesus is to “kill him again!”


And obviously there are plenty of Hollywood #LIBTWITS that have precisely the same attitude.

For those who like having fun with atheists that are committed to their own special dogma, here’s a handy guide to give them a good triggering in just two minutes:

It’s worth noting that the most interesting Satanic cultists are tight with all the “Atheist” accounts on Instagram!

This one was chiming in a a debate about whether “religion” is to blame for the world’s share of death and despair. She apparently agree-disagreed.

©2019-2021 Occupy Democrats Parody

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Shortly after adding this s the profile picture for the Democrat Religion page on Facebook, the entire page was removed by the Meta Cucks without warning nor explanation
Our Democrat Religion page is still up on the free speech site, Wimkin.

9 thoughts on “The Democrat Religion”

      1. If you linked to something scientifically proven, I might take a second look. But obviously, the “authority” for your opinion comes directly from your personal perspective.

        I have no problems accepting the fact that some people lean towards Republican ideals while other prefer the more Democratic perspective. What I fine intolerable is people that feel they must insult and tear down and disrespect those who disagree with them.


      2. Plenty of disrespect goes in both directions. The Great wall of Truth is far bigger than the narrow set of bricks that represent facts that are proven in a controlled experiment.


      3. Also please notice that I claim no “authority” on my well informed opinion nor logical arguments. They are all subject to scrutiny by those with different perspectives and I encourage their engagement via counterarguments. My goal has always been to TEACH what I believe I know and more ideally to LEARN what I’ve yet to discover.

        On Bias and “Credibility”


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