Is it OK to “Mock” a “Disabled Reporter?”

January 9, 2017
Updated July 10 2019

Occupy Democrats Parody

The accusation continues to live on up to and including the inane and baseless rant by Meryl Streep who rang near every bell of the “with Her” campaign talking points.

First the notion that he mocked the disability has been debunked. The exact same mannerism can be viewed on Youtube when he was mocking Cruz.

Original reel replaced after the original clip was deleted

Second… and MOST importantly, there would not be a darn thing wrong if he HAD mocked the retarded journalist in a more personal way. No good mocking can happen without doing your best to make your target identifiable.

The “journalist” is either a big boy, or he’s not. And who’s being more condescending? Trump for hitting him back on his own nonsense, or all the liberals that see him not as an adult and journalist but only as “a disabled journalist” that requires coddling?

Finally it should be noted that the journalist that the leftist liars claim was “mocked for his disability,” doesn’t even buy into their lie.



Meryl Streep’s feigned outrage becomes even more interesting when you explore some revelations being promoted here:

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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