The Democrats’ version of “Respect for Women!”

January 10, 2017 
Updated July 17, 2019

ODP Staff

Another #LIBTWIT on Twitter posted this inane MEME as the usual sort of argument substitute deployed by the segment that thinks #SUFFRAGE was earned only to have estrogen and emotion determine elections.


It was such a fantastic and comprehensive MEME that it almost made her a better Democrat doctrinaire for having shared it.

Of course I felt it deserved answer, and it would be impossible to do it justice within the few words of a TWEET.

So here’s my answer…

You’re #WITHHER because nothing says #RESPECTFORWOMEN more than slut shaming a 12 yr old after she awoke permanently disabled from her #RAPECOMA, to win a case!

…and no.  The #LIBTARD spin site posing as “fact checker” has not debunked the facts of Hillary’s involvement and unethical conduct in that case.

You’re #WITHHER because nothing says #RESPECTFORWOMEN more than supporting a candidate that leveraged her early lawyer experience and power to shame and silence a parade of victims coming forward with complaints against HER rapist husband. 


You’re #WITHHER because nothing says #RESPECTFORWOMEN more than a commitment to #MERKELPLAN and open border to import and coddle every last bit of #RAPECULTURE into our own colleges and communities.


You’re #WITHHER because nothing says #RESPECTFORWOMEN more than a commitment to #ISLAMICTERROR inclusive of her close connection to HUMA ABEDIN before during and after the events of 911.

Let’s have a close look at Huma…

You’re #WITHHER because nothing says #RESPECTFORWOMEN more than slut shaming and even advocating rape of #MELANIA for her support of her family and husband.


You’re #WITHHER because nothing says #RESPECTFORWOMEN more than inviting men into women’s bathroom and shower #SAFESPACE in spite of obvious dangers to America’s wives, mothers, sisters and daughters.

I’m sure I can think of more reasons, but for now that might suffice.

I will add a personal story about my own sister.  She was arguing on a Internet thread with liberals and she was logged in as her husband.  She thought it was rather funny when one #LIBTARD suggested that she must “beat her wife!”

Then she made the SAME EXACT comments under her OWN name.  She said the responses were MANY TIMES more vicious and deep and cutting personal insults against her as “a woman” prevailed.

When she posted back screen shots as evidence that liberals are the MOST misogynistic of anyone, the whole thread got shut down.

She also noticed that conservative responses to her comments were rather even whether they were posted under her husband’s name or her own.

Not sure if they still even teach “open mind” in Liberal Arts nor Womens Studies, but if you’re not completely committed to NOT learning, I’d recommend a brilliant bit of reading, Assault and Flattery.  It will offer you a superior view of the extreme misogyny owed more to #DEMOCRATS and #MOVEONCULT liberals than to any other political group.

Let’s wrap up with a special tribute to Democrat Politicians “respecting women!”



Meanwhile back in #LIBTARDLAND:

Screen Shot 2017-05-24 at 3.59.27 PM

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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