“Affordable” Care

January 7, 2017
Updated July 20, 2020
ODP Staff

Before the Clintons stunk up the White House the first time, the average family paid $1400 for the best care available anywhere in the world.  No, not per month, but for an entire year!  The math works out to $116.00 per month*.
Before Nancy Pelosi informed us that first we must “pass the bill” to “see what’s in it…” my own care ranged from a few hundred dollars per month for the entire family.  Once that big Christmas Present from Democrats was delivered, my own contribution on my company offered plan went from $420 per month deducted to over $1600.  And ultimately during a period of employment gap that followed, I was offered the “opportunity” to retain coverage for my family, while unemployed for “only” $1700 per month!

Of course that bet made no sense, so I literally saved $6800 for the good judgment of taking the first break from health coverage ever in over 5 decades of life as an American citizen.

The more discerning recognize Obamacare as “designed to fail” and with the ultimate goal being a collapse followed by the curse of single-payer.

Not surprisingly, during Hillary’s STRONGER TOGETHER campaign her own husband declared “Obamacare” an unmitigated disaster.  While Trump ran on the sensible campaign of repealing and “replacing” Hillary stuck to the notion that she would “fix” this imploding designed-to-fail system making so many more Americans sick than it could ever heal, by adding all of Mexico and countless phony “refugees” she already pledged to import to the receiving end.

There’s much more to discuss, like the bills for thousands sent out by the IRS for the privilege of not having coverage.   But when accounting for ATM access to the personal and business savings and checking accounts of all Americans, that aspect of the hoax is just a tip of a much larger iceberg!


Now the old #BREADLINEBERNOUT is equating the reversal of this act as some sort of genocide with absurd “people will die!” rhetoric.


Obviously there’s no getting through to such a true believer #MARXIST, but if broad sweeping generalizations are to be deployed, I’ll offer my own.


I’ll call it #STALINCARE.  It kills far more than it “saves.”  And at least twelve are made sick for every one that it “heals.”
UPDATE JULY 20, 2017

Keep hearing more and more about the ultimate end-game of the ironically named “Affordable” “Care.”

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 1.28.27 PM

Isn’t it just amazing how the liberals would rather spend $1,000,000.00 of a random neighbor’s money than $10k of their own. These greedy Democrats define every success as “greed” while elevating their own insatiable lust for the savings and earnings of others as “needs” and even more absurdly, “rights!”  Well maybe it’s not.  Just the worst of “human nature.”


health marxism

©2017 Occupy Democrats Parody

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